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Watch: BOE Puts Cell Towers on 73 Pgcps Playgrounds in 40 Seconds.


Dr. Maxwell and Mr. Rushern Baker -County Executive

The Prince George’s Sentinel was the first to break the story concerning Cell Towers on 73 Prince George’s County Public Schools (Pgcps) Playgrounds more than a month ago.  The following articles covered by Prince George’s Sentinel concerning the issues outlined the problem candidly. See the links below:



This November 11, 2010 video shows the Prince George’s County Public Schools Board of Education agreeing to place cell towers on 73 public school playgrounds.

There was no discussion of this decision and the entire process took a total of 40 seconds. The proposal was on the Board of Education’s Consent Agenda.

This is the super cool “deal” that Prince George’s schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell has been pushing on behalf of Milestone Communications. He said recently that the cell towers are not a huge financial benefit for the school system, but they provide the community with a benefit: better cellphone coverage from carriers.

The “deal” is that a Board of Education votes on a “master lease” to put all school sites up as potential cell tower sites. There is no notice to the neighbors of these school sites in Prince George’s County and no opportunity for public comment.

Prince George’s County Public School parents and neighbors are just now, in 2014, starting to find out that their neighborhood public school playgrounds are about to include cell towers through a deal that was on the Consent Agenda in 2010! The school system estimates that the agreement could generate $2.5 million over five years. But at what cost health wise to the community? This deal was negotiated by Dr. William Hite Jr and Ms.Verjeana Jacobs which raises suspicions. Dr. Segun and Dr. Maxwell are picking up the torch and pushing a notch higher even before the cement is dry.

**Note to Prince George’s County parents and school neighbors: All Boards of Education in Maryland are part of the same club and vacation/conference together each year in Ocean City, Maryland. The club is called the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. Milestone Communications is one of the partners of these vacation/conferences.

Here is the list of Prince George’s County Public School playgrounds that are listed as being available for cell phone towers through Milestone Communications.

  1. Green Valley Academy Existing_Structure
  2. Burroughs MS In_Development
  3. Croom Vocational High School In_Development
  4. Flowers High School In_Development
  5. Kenmoor Middle School In_Development
  6. Oxon Hill Middle School In_Development
  7. Parkdale High School In_Development
  8. Tasker Middle School In_Development
  9. Annapolis Road Academy AHS Rawland_Site
  10. Beltsville Academy Rawland_Site
  11. Bladensburg High School Rawland_Site
  12. Bowie High School Rawland_Site
  13. Brent Regional School Rawland_Site
  14. Buck Lodge Middle School Rawland_Site
  15. Carroll Middle School Rawland_Site
  16. Central High School Rawland_Site
  17. Chapel Forge Early Childhood Center Rawland_Site
  18. Crossland High School Rawland_Site
  19. Decatur Middle School Rawland_Site
  20. Douglass High School Rawland_Site
  21. Drew-Freeman Middle School Rawland_Site
  22. Duckworth Regional School Rawland_Site
  23. DuVal High School Rawland_Site
  24. Eisenhower Middle School Rawland_Site
  25. EXCEL Academy Charter Public School Rawland_Site
  26. Fairmont Heights High School Rawland_Site
  27. Forestville High School Rawland_Site
  28. Friendly High School Rawland_Site
  29. Fuchs Early Childhood Center Rawland_Site
  30. Gholson Middle School Rawland_Site
  31. Goddard Montessori School Rawland_Site
  32. Gourdine Middle School Rawland_Site
  33. Green Valley Academy at Edgar Allan Poe Rawland_Site
  34. Greenbelt Middle School Rawland_Site
  35. Gwynn Park High School Rawland_Site
  36. Gwynn Park Middle School Rawland_Site
  37. Hall Academy Rawland_Site
  38. Hanson Montessori School Rawland_Site
  39. High Point High School Rawland_Site
  40. Hyattsville Middle School Rawland_Site
  41. Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School Rawland_Site
  42. Jackson Academy Rawland_Site
  43. Johnson Middle School Rawland_Site
  44. Just Middle School Rawland_Site
  45. Kettering Middle School Rawland_Site
  46. King Middle School Rawland_Site
  47. Largo High School Rawland_Site
  48. Laurel High School Rawland_Site
  49. Madison Middle School Rawland_Site
  50. Marshall Middle School Rawland_Site
  51. Mason Special Center Rawland_Site
  52. Massie Academy Rawland_Site
  53. Northwestern High School Rawland_Site
  54. Ogle Middle School Rawland_Site
  55. Orem Middle School Rawland_Site
  56. Owens Science Center Rawland_Site
  57. Oxon Hill High School Rawland_Site
  58. Possibility Prep Charter School Rawland_Site
  59. Potomac High School Rawland_Site
  60. Pullen Creative School Rawland_Site
  61. Rieg Regional School Rawland_Site
  62. Roosevelt High School Rawland_Site
  63. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center Rawland_Site
  64. Stoddert Middle School Rawland_Site
  65. Suitland High School Rawland_Site
  66. Surrattsville High School Rawland_Site
  67. Tall Oaks Vocational High School Rawland_Site
  68. Tanglewood Regional School Rawland_Site
  69. Turning Point Academy Public Charter School Rawland_Site
  70. Walker Mill Middle School Rawland_Site
  71. Wheatley Early Childhood Center Rawland_Site
  72. Wirt Middle School Rawland_Site
  73. Wise High School Rawland_Site

Call your elected officials now and the media. Demand an end to this fraud and the madness!



 Segun Eubanks  - Laughing all the way to the Bank.

Segun Eubanks – Laughing all the way to the Bank at the expense of the community.