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Uproar as Hyattsville Mayor goes after former Hyattsville journalist now WJLA employee in retaliation.


Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth announced Nov. 1 that she plans to run for Prince George’s County Council, District 2. Photo courtesy of Candace Hollingsworth

Tuesday June 26th, 2018– Hyattsville residents are up in arms after their Mayor Candace Hollingsworth decided to go after a former Hyattsville journalist or local journalist now WJLA employee Rebecca Baldwin in retaliation after she failed to yield into the mayors personal demands.

According to a facebook post forwarded to our blog, the former reporter claims bullying and intimidation tactics advanced by the mayor in her official capacity have got to stop.

The former Hyattsville journalist claims Major Candace Hollingsworth appeared at her custody hearing in her official capacity as the Mayor of Hyattsville to testify against her and inserted herself in Reporter Baldwin’s personal life. Ms. Baldwin says, she remains extremely distraught and astonished that an elected official would go to such extreme measures to take away her child all because she has a stupid, pointless and useless political vendetta against the former Hyattsville journalist.

There are other issues which the former Hyattsville journalist raises in her facebook post including failure to publish mayor Candace favorite story which led to current retaliation. These issues and others discussed in her facebook post has kept Hyattsville community up in arms after Hyattsville mayor went personal on the former Hyattsville journalist Rebecca Baldwin.

Ms. Baldwin currently works for WJLA but not as a WJLA reporter. She works in a non-editorial role within the organization.

Here is the post.

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