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Survey shows that teachers don’t believe new evaluation system is going well.


A survey of Maryland’s public educators shows that teachers don’t feel the new system for evaluating them is going as well as the principals who are grading them do.

While 70 percent of principals believe the expectations are clear under the evaluation system put in place across the state last school year, only half of the teachers agree. The survey included responses from 16,000 educators across 23 school districts from April to May.

Teachers believed that the new system, which ties their performance to student achievement, was problematic because it was one of many reforms being undertaken at the same time.

Despite their skepticism about how well the new system is being implemented on the ground, educators across the state seem to have some confidence that it will improve teaching in the long term, according to William J. Slotnik, founder and executive director of the Community Training and Assistance Center. The center worked in collaboration with WestEd, an education consulting and research organization, to do the analysis, which was presented to the Maryland State Department of Education on Tuesday.

Last school year, the state required school districts to implement a new evaluation system for teachers that was designed to improve teaching by getting rid of poor teachers and supporting those who are struggling.
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