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Sexual Predator and Convicted Robber running for office in PG County – Say No

 Sexual Harassment verdict and $135,000 payment by County: 


Democratic at-large council candidate Calvin Hawkins is a well known sexual predator and robber who made the county to get sued in Federal court for his sexual misconduct. Mr. Hawkins is also involved in violating rights of other minorities in Prince George’s County. He needs to suspend his campaign and go home. The County residents must demand the withdraw of this candidate for a better future.


A Prince George’s County Council candidate who is a senior adviser to County Executive Rushern L. Baker III as reported earlier was accused of sexually harassing a colleague at the job while working as the Chief of Community Affairs and Education. The coworker Ms. Hairston accused Mr. Hawkins of rubbing his hand across her bottom while she was putting mail in the employee mail slots among other similar incidents on the job.

Above all, Mr. Hawkins has a violent history and in 1984 he pled guilty to a number of violent crimes in Maryland, including robbing four people at a Red Barn restaurant at gun point and robbing three people at gun point at a Holly Farms Fried Chicken restaurant.

The jury returned a verdict in Tonya Hairston’s favor on the Title VII and Maryland employment discrimination claims …. Answering special interrogatories, the jury found that:
  • the County subjected Hairston to a sexually hostile work environment;
  • Hawkins was her co-worker, not her employer;
  • the County knew or should have known of Calvin Hawkins’ sexual harassment of Tonya Hairston;
  • the County failed to take prompt and adequate action to prevent [the] harassing `behavior;
  • the County failed to exercise reasonable care to prevent, and correct promptly, any sexually harassing behavior in the workplace.
2008 Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment, and Assault Charges: http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us

Read more from the Federal Complaint Extract:

Immediately after Ms. Hairston began her employment with the County, she was subjeced to unwelcome sexual conduct. For example, on multiple occasions, Ms. Hairston entered a small supply closet to get supplies. Reginald A. Parks, Director, Office of Emergency Management, one of Ms. Hairston’s supervisors, attempted to crowd into the closet with Ms. Hairston and pressed up against her.

Calvin Hawkins, Chief of Community Affairs and Education, rubbed his hand across Ms. Hairston’s bottom while she was putting mail in the employee mail slots. A few hours after this incident, Mr. Hawkins asked Ms. Hairston to enter his office “real quick” to show her something. When Ms. Hairston entered Mr. Hawkins’ office, Mr. Hawkins began tugging at the top button of her shirt. Ms. Hairston tried to pull Mr. Hawkins’ hands off her chest, but Mr. Hawkins was too strong. While Mr. Hawkins continued to tug on Ms. Hairston’s button, Mr. Hawkins stated, “I want to see if you have a hair line on your stomach because you seem to be hairy.” Ms. Hairston firmly said “no” and finally succeeded in moving Mr. Hawkins’ hands off of her.

Ms. Hairston complained about Mr. Hawkins’ conduct on the next business day to Paula Burr, Deputy Director, Office of Emergency Management, and Ms. Hairston’s direct supervisor at the time of the incident. Ms. Hairston told Ms. Burr that Ms. Hairston wanted the County to ensure that Mr. Hawkins could not touch her again in the future. Ms. Burr told Mr. Parks about Ms. Hairston’s complaint. Later that day, Mr. Parks told Ms. Hairston that he was “going to take a ride” with Mr. Hawkins to discuss the incident. When Mr. Parks and Mr. Hawkins returned to the office, Mr. Hawkins apologized to Ms. Hairston. Mr. Hawkins also thanked Ms. Hairston for not filing criminal charges against him, stating that criminal charges would have upset his wife. The County took no further corrective action to protect Ms. Hairston from further harassment. Upon information and belief, the County did not formally discipline Mr. Hawkins for his behavior.

On June 5, 2008, Ms. Hairston was preparing her lunch in the kitchenette. Mr.Hawkins approached Ms. Hairston from behind, saying, “Miss T, just once.” Mr. Hawkins then grabbed Ms. Hairston’s bottom with both of his hands. Ms. Hairston was startled and asked Mr. Hawkins why he touched her. Mr. Hawkins did not reply and returned to his office. Mr. Hawkins then briefly left the office. When Mr. Hawkins returned, he closed the front door to the department, trapping Ms. Hairston into the office area alone with him. Mr. Hawkins then approached Ms. Hairston, stating, “Tonya, let me show you something.” Ms. Hairston stood up and began walking to the office space behind her work station. At that time, Mr. Hawkins grabbed both of Ms. Hairston’s hands and pulled her down onto his lap in a chair. Mr. Hawkins then forcibly held Ms. Hairston head by placing the palm of his hand on the back of her head. Ms. Hairston looked in panic toward the door of the department and at that time realized that Mr. Hawkins had locked the door.

When Ms. Hairston realized that Mr. Hawkins had locked the door, she was terrified that Mr. Hawkins intended to rape her. Mr. Hawkins intentionally and unjustifiably restrained Ms. Hairston from leaving the office against her will. Mr. Hawkins stated, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time…I’ve been picturing you in that black dress.” Mr. Hawkins then forcibly began to kiss Ms. Hairston’s neck and to rub his pelvic area against her in repeated quick motions. Ms. Hairston attempted to distract Mr. Hawkins by saying she heard someone at the department door, and told Mr. Hawkins that someone was coming in hopes that he would stop the assault. Mr. Hawkins responded that he locked the door so that he would not be disturbed. Mr. Hawkins then dropped his hand from the back of Ms. Hairston’s head to the lower part of her back. Mr. Hawkins lifted Ms. Hairston’s shirt to her bra line. Ms. Hairston again told him that she heard someone at the door. Mr. Hawkins then pushed Ms. Hairston aside and checked the door. When Mr. Hawkins was at the door, he stated, “See, I told you I locked it.”Mr. Hawkins then returned to Ms. Hairston’s work station, grabbed both her hands, and pulled her onto his lap on the chair again. Ms. Hairston pulled away, saying, “no.” Mr. Hawkins grabbed Ms. Hairston around her waist, asking, “Could I at least kiss your titties?” Ms. Hairston said “no.” At that point, Mr. Hawkins heard Mr. Parks coming toward the door, and Mr. Hawkins unlocked the door.


violent crimes in Maryland using Guns

In addition, according to the Federal Complaint attached below, before the County hired Mr. Hawkins, the county knew or should have known through the course of reasonable investigation at the time of hiring that Mr. Hawkins posed a threat of injury to others.
In 1984, Mr. Hawkins pled guilty to a number of violent crimes in Maryland, including robbing four people at a Red Barn restaurant at gun point and robbing three people at gun point at a Holly Farms Fried Chicken restaurant. The sentencing judge referred to Mr. Hawkins as having “terrorized the county.”

Mr. Hawkins also pled guilty to robbing a Ponderosa Steak House using a chrome revolver and robbing a Giant Food Store and its night time stockers using a handgun, herding the stockers into the bathroom after robbing them. Mr. Hawkins also pled guilty to an armed robbery with a dangerous weapon in the District of Columbia and was sentenced to serve 6 to 18 years as a result of that crime.

At the time of Federal Complaint in Federal court, Criminal charges were pending against Mr. Hawkins in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County for assault second degree, sex offense fourth degree, and false imprisonment of Ms. Hairston. Trial was scheduled for December 14, 2009.