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PGCPS misleads the public on school lunches fiasco.

CNhioWDUsAA3-VYThe “can’t fix, won’t play by the rules” mantra by the PGCPS regime in response to the original tweet and the food did not come from their schools despite a tweet from a student on August 28th, 2015. (See below). The tweet shows an expired juice being served to the students.

This approach of misleading and falsifying information to the public rubbishes those who take care of our poor children in public schools every day, and also depicts a regime that is fully committed to the return of the imperial superintendency that caused this county so much pain and damage over the years.

So much so, that eliminating this sort of superintendency was the major reason for the demands for a new constitution for county schools in Maryland General assembly through HB1107.

In their press release, Their conclusion was that none of those pictures came out of a Prince George’s County school cafeteria. They said they know this because some of the trays, food items and milk brands aren’t stocked here.

And yes, while it is not as simple as re-allocating funds after the budget has been passed, a gesture of goodwill to engage the law makers, teachers, students, bus drivers, civil society etc in discussions on how, and when, these problems could resolved would be a healthy sign of good faith and respect.

This year the regime requested more millions for schools, an increase of several millions over the previous year and yet, they are in trouble accounting for simple things like good food for the students within the schools. This is the highest rise for schools in the region and one of the highest in the world.

We certainly need to demand better food security for our students this year, given the serious crisis of corruption within the county schools here in Prince George’s County, but throwing money at the Prince George’s County Public Schools is not the only way to deal with insecurity, especially when impunity, corruption and disrespect thrive.

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Pr. Geo.’s officials try to calm residents over Potomac High tuberculosis case


Prince George’s County school and health officials on Thursday sought to calm residents and dispel rumors about a tuberculosis case that was recently reported at Potomac High School.

Angela M. Wakhweya, the chief of health policy for the Prince George’s County school system, said at a news conference that no new diagnosis of active TB has been made since school officials reported earlier this week than an individual at the school was infected.

Wakhweya said her concern is for the person who she said is continuing to receive treatment and is no longer infectious. She said the person was diagnosed a few weeks ago.

The school system reported the case on Monday. It is not releasing any details about the infected person. “We don’t want this person to be stigmatized,” Wakhweya said.

Citing confidentiality, Wakhweya would not say if the person who was infected is a student or school employee. She also would not say if the person has returned to the school.

 Wakhweya said tuberculosis is not like the flu or a cold, which survives on objects like a doorknob. TB is spread from person to person through the air, she said. To contract the disease, a person would have to be in close, prolonged contact with an infected individual.
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