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Major, Huge, Pretty Big Story Coming Up Monday! Don’t Miss It!


Coming up this Monday, right here on your favorite blog website PGCPSMESS–and you may just have to reign us in on this one!–we’ll have a major, huge, pretty big story for you about an upcoming court case affecting PGCPS employees that is sure to be one of your favorite, major, huge, pretty big releases of the year. We’re going to break it down for you and how it affects you as a citizen, employee or consumer. starting  Monday, –wait for it! –we’ve got some pretty cool exclusive extras for you that will make your attraction to this particular case extremely three-dimensional. 3-D!

Spill the beans!We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to spill the beans, and we’re no bean spillers, let us tell you that! Tune in Monday, early Monday afternoon, for all the beans you needs to chew on, right here. We’re Pure blog post, the original, 24-hour Internet blog bringing you the very best in order to help transform our county today.

Until Monday…!

Hint hint up there!