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Nonprofit group hopes education can reduce Latina teen pregnancy rate.


The 15-year-old girl blushed when she explained the most important parts of her day to the instructor.

“I’m glad because I got good news today,” she said, as she averted her eyes from the other ninth- and 10th-graders sitting in a circle. “I’m sad, because I’m afraid my mom might find out.”

“Ohh,” the instructor, Reyna Trinidad, replied. “You’re in love.”

Trinidad and her co-instructor, Jonathan Bibb, have gathered this group of 10 Latino students at Wheaton High School after classes to aid them on their journey of self-actualization. On this cold March day, a simple question — Como estas, tu? — would open another week of discussions about listening to emotions, having a sense of self-worth and handling the feelings that can make an adolescent’s cheeks redden.

They hope these sessions will help fix a stubborn problem affecting some of the region’s most affluent suburbs: the great disparity in birthrates between Latino teenagers and other groups. For every 1,000 adolescent females in Montgomery County, an estimated 23 Latinas between 15 and 17 give birth.

Even as the Latino birthrate has fallen in Montgomery over the past two decades, it remains more than 2.5 times higher than the rate for the county’s black girls in that age group and more than three times the rate for white girls. >>>Read More Washington Post





A world map showing countries by total fertility rate (TFR), according to the CIA World Factbook‘s 2013 data.