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CEO Maxwell signs to build another cell tower, no BOE vote on project.


Why shouldn’t the PGCPS CEO just sign a document to build a cell tower on a public school site without any BOE vote?  Why do parents and neighbors deserve any notification of this project?

It appears apparently, you don’t if you live in Prince George’s County.  The CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell is free to build whatever, wherever. Get ready for some surprises!  

The ink is barely dry on this latest cell tower deal for Charles H. Flowers High School. Maxwell just signed this agreement on August 5th.  >>> See the Suspicious deal here ~> 237512706-Milestone-Tower-LP-Real-Property-Deed-of-Lease-Agreement-and-Memorandum-of-Lease-Charles-Herbert-Flowers-HS. Approved for Substantive Content by our usual suspects Ms. Monica E. Goldson and James E. Fisher, Esquire.

After our earlier exposure, Bowie parents pushed back hard against school cell tower proposals – See more at: Bowie parents push back against school cell tower proposals >>> Read more Safe schools for Prince George’s County