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NBC News Miami bureau Investigates Charter Frauds.


NBC News team in Miami noticed that a large number of charter schools were opening and closing at a faster rate than normal. Forty-nine charter schools have closed in South Florida in the past five years, with more than 40% owing money to the state of Florida. The children who enrolled in these schools were dropped with very little notice and had to scramble to find a new school.

In Broward County alone, 12 charters have closed, owing $1 million in taxpayer funds unaccounted for.

Florida has more than 600 charter schools. 246 have closed in the last five years. They come, they go, the kids are left behind and the tax payer is left holding the bags to pay off the scam.

In one instant, according to NBC Team 6, investigators began asking questions, the school refunded some money for uniforms parents had to buy. No one from the school would talk on camera and neither would anyone from the school’s management company, Newpoint Education partners.

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