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MABE Corruption ruining schools in Maryland.



money lost because of MABE corruption would otherwise be spent on schools and medicine

MABE is the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.  It is a private club that taxpayers fund.

Each Board of Education in the State of Maryland belongs to MABE with the notable exception of the Maryland State Board of Education who dropped out of the club in 2012. Read more >>-State-Board-of-Education-Drops-MABE-Membership. This year, verjeana Jacobs who is responsible for much of the fiasco in Prince George’s County Board of Education whose corruption led to the change in governance structure, is scheduled to be the new President of this private but yet taxpayer funded. Read more on the press release when she got elected with the help of politically connected friends after she got fired as the Board chair in Prince George’s County.

Each Board of Education uses tax dollars to pay their MABE dues.

NEXT MABE Junket for Maryland Boards of Education is October 1st – 3rd, 2014 in Ocean City, MD

How much does the Prince George’s Co. Board of Education pay in dues to this club? $40,000+ a year.

What MABE “sponsors” are now Prince George’s County Board of Education vendors?

We know for sure that Prince George’s County Board of Education has signed up for one of the MABE vendors. 

The Prince George’s County Board of Education has signed up for the super cool Milestone Communications cell tower deal being hawked at these MABE parties mixed with alcohol. 

What is the Milestone Communications deal?  It is up to THREE, yes THREE cell tower compounds on every public school playground!  Sound great, right? That is what your Prince George’s County Board of Education has signed on to do with this company they meet every year in Ocean City out of the public view.

We believe it is not a waste of time for the hundreds of Prince George’s County citizens who are opposed to the use of public school land for commercial purposes. The use of public, taxpayer land being used to hide commercial businesses from paying property taxes is everybody’s loss.

Prince George’s County can just have you make up the lost funds from your property tax payments so it will all work out in the end at your expense.

What other MABE “partners” are now Prince George’s County Board Of Education vendors?  Our contacts in these parties expressed dismay in the amount of Alcohol served and the food to confuse the Board of Education members in attendance.

We find it amazing that Verjeana Jacobs who messed up the Prince George’s County Board of Education during her tenure as the chair of the Board is planning to be the new President of Maryland Association of Boards of Education. The Prince George’s County Board of Education was fined over five million dollars for being a “willful violator” of our labor laws because of her negligence to the county. As she “plots for the new post”, one of the deals she negotiated “the cellphone towers ” has led to major concerns being raised about the exposure to radio-frequency radiation to the children and citizens of Prince George’s County. This should be a wake up call to the Maryland citizens.

Above all, the children of Prince Gorge’s County are not doing well academically and corruption seem to be getting bigger by the day. Looking at its educational leaders we can see why the students are failing. This is what we have been saying all along while calling for reforms, innovation, transparency and transformations in PGCPS.  Hopefully God will help the students and families in Maryland. They need a moral leader to run their schools and they are getting a woman who is running from a troubled situation after committing and facilitating crimes? The Maryland legislature rejected her candidacy in 2012 because of the morally dead situation. MABE should be argued to select another person as an emperor and to transform itself as an organization to avoid unnecessary distractions. Good luck!

 2013-2014 Board of Directors


  1. Kathryn B. Groth, President, Frederick County
  2.  Verjeana Jacobs, President-Elect, Prince George’s County
  3.  Shirley Brandman, Treasurer, Montgomery County
  4.  Warner I. Sumpter, Secretary, Somerset County


  • Rodger C. Janssen, Baltimore County, Immediate Past President
  •  Gary Bauer, Carroll County, Past President, 2nd Year
  • George Abner, Caroline County
  •  Cathy Allen, St. Mary’s County
  •  Donna L. Brightman, Washington County
  •  Marnell Cooper, Baltimore City
  •  Judith L. Docca, Montgomery County
  •  Ellen Flynn Giles, Howard County
  •  Lorraine T. Henry, Dorchester County
  •  Juanita Hopkins, Talbot County
  •  Alysson Krchnavy, Harford County
  •  Patricia A. Nalley, Anne Arundel County
  •  Jean A. Smith, Frederick County
  •  Donald M. Wade, Charles County

This November 11, 2010 video shows the Prince George’s County Public Schools Board of Education agreeing to place cell towers on 73 public school playgrounds after Milestone Communications met with Verjeana Jacobs (pictured below) in Ocean city during the MABE parties mixed with alcohol.



Verjeana Jacobs’ election to MABE is likely to be a poisoned Chalice (In other words,  honor that is likely to prove a disadvantage or source of problems to the recipient Maryland school system and PGCPS):


Poisoned Chalice


stop corruption

Read More >>>In Pr. George’s County, momentum builds against cellphone towers at school sites.

The future of public education here in Prince George’s County is at stake more than ever before, and the future of Prince George’s children is at risk. We must lift our voices and be heard.

Together, we can make a difference.

With your support we can create partnerships of great purpose to improve education and wellness, increase opportunity for all children and families, reduce corruption, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of mega fraud while advancing change. Otherwise, we demand a regime change ASAP.

Call your elected officials now and the media. Let us demand an end to this poisoned chalice!