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PGCPS Parents question delay in probe of alleged molestation of child on school bus.


Parents are demanding change and accountability from the board of education. They want the CEO, chair and vice chair of the school system gone. Rushern Baker III needs to resign for engaging in cover ups, nepotism and political cronyism.

By Donna St. George and Arelis R. Hernández

The parents of a preschool student in Prince George’s County said Tuesday that county officials recently informed them of an investigation into allegations that a bus aide molested their 4-year-old son last November, and they said they don’t understand why it took so long to look into the alleged abuse.

Child Protective Services contacted the family last month, seeking help in identifying a boy believed to be their son in a still image from a video that apparently was made in November. The parents said CPS officials told them the video showed a bus aide having inappropriate contact with the child inside a school bus.

The parents identified the child as their son, they said. The father, who described his son as a special-needs child with verbal delays, said CPS officials indicated the video came to light when another preschool child complained in May.

“It’s unacceptable that they waited so long to notify us,” said the father, whom The Washington Post is not identifying to protect the boy. He said he was shocked, hurt and crying when he learned of the alleged misconduct. “The individual who did this to my child is still walking the streets.”

Prince George’s police said Tuesday that they began a joint investigation with CPS in June related to the case. In August, investigators received more information from a family involved, they said, and they soon plan to bring the case to prosecutors for consideration of criminal charges against the bus aide, police Lt. David Coleman said. The alleged abuse involves one child, although other students were on the bus, he said.

John Erzen, a spokesman for the Prince George’s County state’s attorney’s office, said that his office was notified of the case Tuesday and that prosecutors will be meeting with police within a week to determine whether charges are warranted. Sometimes, he said, further investigation is needed after such meetings.

It was unclear why the case was not made public sooner, especially given that the county school system has been receiving scrutiny for lack of transparency in alleged abuse cases and failing to safeguard the children in its care.

A school volunteer was indicted this year with 270 counts of child pornography and related charges amid allegations of video-recording children as young as 9 years old performing sex acts. More recently, federal authorities found corporal punishment and humiliation of children in the district’s Head Start preschool program and revoked a $6.4 million grant.

Kevin Maxwell, the school system chief, said Tuesday that he placed the bus aide and a supervisor on administrative leave after he learned of the allegations during the first week of school in August. All parents with children on the bus have been notified, he said.

Maxwell on Tuesday cited another unspecified allegation of potential misconduct against a Prince George’s principal, but he declined to discuss details, saying that the allegation came by email and was referred to police. Letters to parents went home Monday saying that a principal was put on leave. The Post is not identifying the principal because no charges have been filed and the nature of the alleged misconduct has not been released.

“These have been some very difficult months for our school system,” Maxwell told reporters Tuesday afternoon.“But we will continue to work on the culture in our school district.”

School board member Verjeana M. Jacobs said the latest allegations of abuse are shocking and said it is troubling that school board members “once again” learned of them through media reports.

“The incredible lack of accountability and transparency is the culture of the school system right now,” Jacobs said. “It seems the adults are more concerned with protecting themselves than ensuring a culture and climate of safety for children.”

School board member Edward Burroughs III voiced similar concerns, asking: “How many more incidents of abuse have to occur? This is not isolated. This is systemic and widespread.”

Following the February abuse scandal involving school volunteer Deonte Carraway, Maxwell appointed a safety task force that recommended a series of improvements designed to protect students and ensure allegations of abuse are reported.

The school board took action to change district policies over the summer. Maxwell said he believes the improvements are having an effect.

“I do believe that the training that we undertook as a result of the incident at Judge Sylvania Woods last year has increased, I know it has increased, the number of reports that we are getting in our school system,” he said.

The father of the 4-year-old said the family and their attorney have plans to meet with police Thursday to review the footage from the bus video. Police declined to comment on whether there is a video or what it might show.

The father noted that the bus aide was assigned to his son’s bus all school year, and he said he worried that the alleged abuse could have taken place repeatedly after the alleged incident in November. Looking back, the parents said they recall their son crying at the prospect of getting on the bus.

“He didn’t want to get on the bus,” the mother said.

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Program Offers Free Lunch to Prince George’s County Students

Summer Lunch program logo

A Prince George’s County program is trying to ensure that children don’t suffer from hunger this summer.

The Summer Food Service Program will provide lunch to children under the age of 18 at a dozen public schools and libraries from June 29 though August 7 2015. No proof of income is required. See details >> Summer Feeding Flyer 2015 >>>(PGCPS)

“During the school year, many of our students receive free and reduced-price meals, and we don’t want these students to be at risk of hunger during the summer months,” said Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, chief executive officer for Prince George’s County Public Schools.

The meals will be served Mondays through Fridays.

See the map in the url for meal locations, times and dates. You can also call 1-866-3-HUNGRY to find the summer meals location closest to you here:pgcpslogo_blue-black


‘Principal churn’ strikes Maryland middle school yet again


Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School’s plight is not unlike that of many schools in the nation’s urban districts: The 918-student school in Prince George’s County has a high poverty rate, mounting disciplinary issues and plummeting test scores.

But it is the lack of leadership stability that has many in the small city of Laurel concerned about the school’s future and its ability to tackle its most perplexing challenges.

In the past five years, the school has had five principals. And this week, schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell named its sixth.

John Mangrum, formerly an assistant principal at Wheaton High School in Montgomery County, is the third principal to take the helm of Eisenhower Middle since classes started in August.

“The school, the staff, the students and parents deserve the stability and the continuity of a permanent principal,” County Council member Mary A. Lehman (D-Laurel) said at a recent school board meeting. Lehman, who encouraged Maxwell and the Board of Education to install permanent leadership, told the board that “the students, the families and the larger school community deserve better.”

Former principal Dwight Jefferson started the 2014-2015 school year but was removed after a student alleged that the principal struck him. Jefferson was replaced by John Brooks, a retired principal who returned to the system in September to become the school’s interim principal.

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PGCPS chief announces spending freeze, then…

 ….demands more cash from the county and the state to Squander.


Dr. Kevin Maxwell

Prince George’s County Schools Chief Kevin M. Maxwell announced Thursday night that all schools and departments will be told to limit discretionary spending as the school system braces for possible revenue shortfalls.

The spending and “selective” hiring freeze will take effect immediately, he said.

Maxwell made the announcement as he unveiled a $1.84 billion budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year, which includes a 2.5 percent increase over the current spending plan and a request to receive an 8.5 percent increase from the county coffers.

Maxwell said he hopes the spending freeze sends a message to county and state officials as they address their budget deficits and make decisions on plans that could have an impact on Maryland’s second-largest school system.

“We’re doing what we can internally, but we still need more,” Maxwell said referring to his proposal, which includes a $53.5 million increase in county money and a $33.7 million increase in state aid.

Maxwell said his two deputies and the school district’s chief operating officer will take a close look at all purchasing orders and hiring requests to determine their need.
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Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in law to County Executive Baker) listens to parents and staff speak at Sasscer in the past photo. The Board of Education for Prince George’s County has become compromised after Board members and senior Employees recently hired immediate family members as well as close friends in management positions.   



Rushern Baker III Current County Executive for Prince George’s county – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights. The Rushern Baker regime does not seem to see the obvious conflicts of interests surrounding epicenter of corruption at Sasscer – Upper Marlboro! ….Why can’t they see? Because they are or appear to be part of it….



Lack of accountability and transparency managing public funds has been a major concern in recent years in Prince George’s County….  “call a spade a spade


As stated in the blogs, this announcement comes on the heels of millions of dollars in salaries for “cabinet” members who were hired recently making over six  figure salaries and some not even disclosed yet. Many new positions have been created by Dr. Maxwell at the beckoning of Mr. Baker and their close friends in order to simpon off cash. Many senior staffers at Sasscer administrative offices are doing duplicative jobs. Then there are those who are secretly brought out of retirement as consultants to collect another income at the expense of the county citizenry. There is nothing wrong to make extra money but its the way the process is being conducted to undermine the county.  The recent hires including former union representatives Mr. Christian Rhodes and others  are in the same league with the ones in the system who continue to live the high life of expensive meals, entertainment and travel expenses all rolled into one.

Dr. Maxwell’s incompetency and ineffective management skills are very clear. Students and teachers suffer the consequences of this superintendent’s hiring and spending practices. When will this ever cease? Is it not enough that superintendent obtains a million dollar package for himself and the rest suffer for it? Is this Dr. Maxwell really worth it? Many staff members especially teachers are running without copiers and supplies yet, Dr. Maxwell administration hires consultants and other personnel all over the place to do the work they were paid to perform.

If only we could stand with each other and expose the Maryland politicians and especially in Prince George’s County for who they are (predators). We need to take the Buffalo approach and deal with these unethical politicians vigorously.  If we unite, we may stand a chance of reducing all these menaces they have been causing. In return, they will respect us. However, some of us think they owe their survival to the con politicians. We need to make them realize they need to resign whenever they mess up or something has been damaged on their behalf or on their watch.

The problem is, we (the victims) are not united neither do we realize we are all in danger unless we join forces and stop this non-sense. We need to adapt the Buffalo approach as far as the Prince George’s County politicians are concerned. We can only survive if we take to rescuing each other, standing together. BUT as it stands now some people think their survivals are intrinsically linked to the predator politicians like Mr. Rushern Baker and others milking the school. Shame.

Most people in Prince George’s county do not simply want to see lies hidden in plain sight because centuries of propaganda have conditioned them to be so. The time has come to rise up and demand answers now that elections are around the corner. Time for easy rides in the ballot box are over. We are tired of this mess. Time has come to demand answers now more than ever before.  Enough is enough.

Parents question charter school official about revamping admission process


Parents on Thursday night peppered the chairman of a charter school that has ties to the University of Maryland, after they recently learned of an effort to revamp the lottery system for admissions and to reclassify the school.

Some parents at the College Park Academy PTO meeting said they were shocked to learn of a the request by state Sen. Jim Rosapepe, who serves as the school’s chairman, that children of College Park residents employed by the university be given special consideration when they apply to the school.

As a charter, enrollment is open to the public school. Parents enter a lottery system for admission.

Prince George’s County schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell told Rosapepe in a letter that reserving seats for a segment of students is not allowable under Maryland charter rules.

Rosapepe said he is exploring changing the school into a “contract school” after the charter’s agreement with the school system ends.

Parents said Thursday that they were upset to learn in The Washington Post that members of the board of the charter school, which opened last year, was having discussions that could affect where their children attend school.

“What is a contract school?,” a parent asked.

“What is the time frame?,” asked another.

Rosapepe said the board, city and university want the children of College Park residents to be able to use the school. The city and U-Md. want to make living in College Park attractive to university employees, he said.

In Maxwell’s letter, in which he rejects Rosapepe’s request, Maxwell said Rosapepe wanted to reserve 50 percent of the school’s seats for children of U-Md. employees who live in the city.

Rosapepe told the group of parents that the percentage was not set in stone and that the children who already attend the school would not be affected, implying that a change in percentage would apply to new students at the school.

Because Maxwell denied the request, Rosapepe told the parents that he would like to make the school a contract school, which would not have to adhere to the state charter school rules regarding admissions.

Rosapepe said he worked with Maxwell when he was the school superintendent in Anne Arundel County on creating a contract school that is run by the Children’s Guild.

Prince George’s County does not have any contract schools.

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Segun Eubanks  - Laughing all the way to the Bank.

Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in Law to Rushern Baker III involved in mega-corruption involving PGCPS) listens to parents and staff speak. He has been laughing all the way to the Bank recently while poor students and staff suffer… What ever happened to common decency? Are manners no longer part of US culture?

Rushern Baker - Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

Rushern Baker III Current County Executive for Prince George’s county  – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights.