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The Four Workplace Bully Types as Exhibited in PGCPS.

Dr. Gary Namie explains the four main types of workplace bullying tactics as practiced in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).



The little man v. the Big labor and the mismanagement of union dues for political agglomeration is a major violation of worker’s rights. Union lack of representation in the face of Bullying supervisors in the PGCPS District.  Employers don’t care about the bullying at work. Some like in Prince George’s County love it as you can see with the likes Simpson Marcus at Largo High school.

Union busting has always been part of American history. Organizers were routinely fired (or killed), despite the illegality. The NLRB was under control of administrations that hated labor. Unions are not to blame for the decline in unionization rates in the U.S. since Reagan broke the PATCO union. However, Union dirty politics and discrimination of workers in Maryland and elsewhere is killing the unions in many ways. “Employment at will” is the principle most loved by employers — the right to terminate people anytime, anywhere for no cause is a threat faced by 93% of private sector workers. As of Feb. 2013, the national unionization rate is down to 11.2% after 400,000 government workers — teachers, police, fire — lost their jobs to American “austerity – deficit reduction” decisions.

A 2013 D.C. Circuit Court decision decimated the NLRB and voided all 2012 decisions. The Chamber of Commerce and Republicans want to void all decisions made after George W. Bush left office. The NLRB is paralyzed and not able to render any decisions with only one “confirmed” member. Unions are being denied leverage against employers and the Chamber is telling members to simply ignore Union demands for fair labor practices or good faith bargaining.

David-Goliath battle

The driving force behind all the anti-union laws is a group called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Investigative reporting discovered the ALEC-Tea Party-Legislation link. Overnight, existing collective bargaining rights were stripped away in Wisconsin and Ohio. Hard-won labor victories that took years to accomplish through organizing, protesting and bargaining are being erased.

While under assault, it’s easy to pull back and focus solely on survival of the union which in  some areas is guided by corrupt leadership out to gain personally. However, this is risky because members expect support and benefits from membership, regardless of external pressure on unions. When the conflict exist and the unions fails to act to fix the issues, this conduct does not only hurt the unions themselves but also the membership as well.

Here in Maryland and in Prince George’s County in particular,  it is time to fix these issues heads on and find a way to address the union lack of leadership and representation in many areas. This is the only way to help fix Americas future.

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