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Florida Enacts $10,000 Bonus for New Teachers with High SAT Scores

nbptsFlorida eliminated bonuses for advanced degrees and for National Board Certification. 

The State of Florida legislature  passed a proposal to award $10,000 bonuses for teachers who are “the best and the brightest.” The cost: $44 million.

The awards would go either to teachers rated “highly effective” in raising test scores. New teachers would get the bonus if they had high SAT or ACT scores when they were high school seniors.

Florida eliminated bonuses for advanced degrees and for National Board Certification. It is just a matter of time if not addressed by the other states before these trends make their way into the counties  across the United States. Educators are asked to stay vigilant and to work together for good of their communities while cajoling, encouraging, and shepherding from behind the scenes in support of emerging leaders with proven records throughout the country. That is the only way to protect the future and the education related jobs throughout the states. Some politicians within the counties have an hidden agenda to sell school buildings and then fire teachers for selfish motives.

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