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Daily fights in PGCPS.

In  addition to the issues we have already been complaining about, there is the issue of daily fights in many schools in PGCPS, starting with Largo,  Parkdale Laurel and High Point High Schools etc. Click the highlights to view for yourselves. Many PG citizens are not aware of these many brutal fights.  Students and staff are hurting and getting a very bad deal under superintendent William Hite. 

We need to create a safe and orderly environment for our students and staff in the PGCPS schools. Furthermore, we should restore the “Children come first” motto before electing a new Supritendent.  Dr. William Hite Jr should resign immediately without much delay.  (William Hite Jr  EdD is pictured below).

No Confidence vote.

William Hite Jr. EdD is a cold, greedy man with the role of Superintendent of Prince George’s County Public School District. Prince George’s County Public School District was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2007 and now Dr. William Hite Jr is paid over $250,000 a year and we hear has been asking for a pay raise up to  $350,000 with benefits included. William Hite Jr EdD wants to make about 10x the amount of a beginning teacher. This is appalling!  He came from an upper-middle class school district called Georgia’s Cobb County School District which compared to Prince George’s County Public School District is like night and day.
 His tactics are basically slash and burn – cut out principals and fire anyone who gets in his way.  He is middle aged, inexperienced, and only has a Doctor of education – EdD -not a PhD.  Why are we paying him such a high salary if he cannot even prevent racial violence, sexual harrassment or retaliations on high school campuses and the injuries including near deaths of students involved in fights. Why are we allowing him to rip off our community?  He is just going to take the money and move to another community.  We hear he has been interviewing in other Districts quietly including Virginia beach where he finished last.  He has no understanding of the various ethnic groups of Prince George’s County Public School District or the realities of being poor. 
This man is a Virgina Tech elitist who does not care about anyone but his paycheck!  He hates teachers and privately refers to them as dumb deadbeats!  He is a businessman out to make a buck off of taxpayer money!  He worked in sales and marketing before he got the job.  Get rid of this guy and replace him with a qualified person with more experience in reforming schools!  He is not a reformer. He likes to cover up.   William Hite Jr. EdD only deserves about $ 80,000 a year.  He is not a good superintendent period.  Teachers, students and parents do not trust him or buy into his false advertising.  Test scores are basically the same and the morale of teachers has sunk to an all-time low.  His allegations that test scores have gone up recently is a clever ploy which will never fly with anybody. We hear he has been paying off some reporters to keep things hush-hush.  In fact, he is making a mockery out of teachers with his outrageous request for a raise.  He is also making a mockery out of Prince George’s County taxpayers who are funding his salary.  Let’s unite, strike, protest, and get rid of this cold, greedy, uncaring, racist, unethical,  pig!   Speak truth to power.  Let’s also get rid of Board members that support this ripoff.  This man has not done any good for Prince George’s County Public School District .
The dropout rate is still the same!  Students have been injured (read the story here) , many others are being sexually harrassed (read the story here) and others  have died in fights quietly!  Teachers are depressed! (see the blog) Morale is at an all-time low!  William Hite Jr. EdD is laughing all the way to the bank and thinking about his material items.  He does this as students are attending underfunded schools and begging for new desks, books, and items they need to learn in a good environment.
Stop ripping off Prince George’s County Public School District , William Hite Jr. EdD!  Get out of town you  greedy, perverted, immoral, scamming crook!  We will no longer be fooled by your lies.  Expect us to throw out your dirty business out there at every public event-the way you harass us with your scams behind the scenes!

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