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Bill PG 410-12

 Call your elected representatives now and the media.  Ask them to support the accountability and transparency intitive bill.

 ~> Support Bill PG 410-12– Education – Prince George’s County School Board Budgets – Transparency

Sponsor – Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith


For the purpose of requiring a certain Web site of the Prince George’s County Board of Education to include certain budget data; requiring the Web site to contain annual data and to be searchable based on individual schools; and generally relating to a searchable Web site of the Prince George’s County Board of Education.

Public Rally at PGCPS Sasscer Huge Success.

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The public rally at sasscer last evening (12/5/2011) was a huge success. Many people turned out in solidarity to show their disgust against the leadership of Dr William Hite Jr. There is need to treat workers with dignity and respect many speakers said. “The fight against nepotism, corruption and professional misconduct etc within the PGCPS school system must be won and won without much delay”.  Several speakers among them Senator Joan Benson, Board Member Edward Burroughs III,  NAACP PG chapter President Bob Ross, Local 2250 President Shirley Adams etc  spoke to the crowd. (Below are some pictures).

Sign the petition~> Here