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Shock as Young Democrats former boss, Joseph Lynn Kitchen, finally comes out of the closet.


Young Democrats former boss, Joseph Lynn Kitchen has finally come out of closet.

This last weekend, Maryland Young Democrats former boss, Joseph Lynn Kitchen, finally came out of the closet and announced he was gay in a Facebook post. The social media followers went wild with some of the comments very funny. In other words, he “came out of the closet.” This expression for revealing one’s homosexuality may seem natural. Being in the closet implies hiding from the outside world, and the act of coming out of it implies the will to stop hiding. But though the closet has long been a metaphor for privacy or secrecy, its use with reference to homosexuality is relatively recent.

According to George Chauncey’s comprehensive history of modern gay culture, Gay New York, the closet metaphor was not used by gay people until the 1960s. Before then, it doesn’t appear anywhere “in the records of the gay movement or in the novels, diaries, or letters of gay men and lesbians.”

“Coming out,” however, has long been used in the gay community, but it first meant something different than it does now. “A gay man’s coming out originally referred to his being formally presented to the largest collective manifestation of prewar gay society, the enormous drag balls that were patterned on the debutante and masquerade balls of the dominant culture and were regularly held in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, and other cities.” The phrase “coming out” did not refer to coming out of hiding, but to joining into a society of peers. The phrase was borrowed from the world of debutante balls, where young women “came out” in being officially introduced to society.

The gay debutante balls were a matter of public record and often covered in the newspaper, so “coming out” within gay society often meant revealing your sexual orientation in the wider society as well, but the phrase didn’t necessarily carry the implication that if you hadn’t yet come out, you were keeping it a secret. There were other metaphors for the act of hiding or revealing homosexuality. Gay people could “wear a mask” or “take off the mask.” A man could “wear his hair up” or “let his hair down,” or “drop hairpins” that would only be recognized by other gay men.

It is unclear exactly when gay people started using the closet metaphor, but “it may have been used initially because many men who remained ‘covert’ thought of their homosexuality as a sort of ‘skeleton in the closet.'” It may also have come from outsiders who viewed it that way. It seems that “coming out of the closet” was born as a mixture of two metaphors: a debutante proudly stepping into the arms of a community and a shocking secret being kept in hiding. Now the community is the wider community, and the secret is no longer shocking. “Coming out” is a useful phrase, but it need not imply a closet.

In the past, Mr. Kitchen who calls himself “Reverend” acted like an Ohio lawmaker who routinely touted his Christian faith and anti-LGBT views and resigned after being caught having sex with a man in his office.

Mr. Kitchen has also been a major influence of the local chapter of Prince George’s County NAACP which has been in a disarray for a while.

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Former BCPS superintendent ​Dallas Dance sentenced to 6 months in jail.


Dallas Dance (left) pleaded guilty to 4 counts of perjury

Former Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance was sentenced Friday morning for lying about money he accepted, but did not report to the school system.

Dance was sentenced to a five-year prison term with all but six months suspended, two years of probation and 700 community service hours to begin next Friday.

His sentence will be served at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Dance showed up to court hoping for a break. He stood before Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Cox and said, “I’m embarrassed, I’m sorry. I’m seriously remorseful for my actions.”

But his plea may have come too little, too late. State prosecutors said Dance was very much aware of what he was doing.

“This was not about a lapse of judgment or confusion. It was blatant, deliberate and deceitful,” state prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt said.

Prosecutors said Dance essentially ran out of second chances.

“If Dr. Dance had stopped, we wouldn’t have been here because it wouldn’t have risen to the level of a crime or we wouldn’t have become aware of it,” Davitt said.

The state recommended Dance be sentenced to five years with all but 18 months suspended.

“We were recommending a longer sentence, but we are gratified that the court did impose a period of incarceration. The judge has to weigh all sides of this issue. She is a good and fair judge,” Davitt said.

Dance pleaded guilty in March to four counts of perjury arising from false filings of his financial disclosure statements for 2012, 2013 and 2015, prosecutors said.

“It was a foolish decision. He made a stupid mistake,” said Dance’s lawyer, Jay Graham. “This is basically about an honest man that did a dishonest thing.”

On three occasions, Graham mentioned the name of current school superintendent, Verletta White, saying in regard to her filling out financial disclosure forms, “She did exactly the same thing.”

The prosecution disagreed.

“I think the statement of facts set forth that there was a clear motivation to deceive. From that sense, it seems very different from anything else that I’ve heard,” Davitt said.

Referring to Dance, Bob Dubel, a former Baltimore County Public Schools superintendent, told the court, “I view this behavior as a violation of family trust. I am deeply hurt.”

Prosecutors said the case was always bigger than Dance.

“It’s not so much, at this point, a matter of punishing Dr. Dance as much as it is as sending that message to the community, not just school officials, but all public officials,” Davitt said.

The state called on a former school superintendent, a former county executive and a current Board of Education member to make the case that Dance had violated
public trust. About a half-dozen witnesses spoke on Dance’s behalf.

Before sending Dance to jail, the judge said, “It’s not simply that he failed to fill out forms. He misled.”

Dance was superintendent of BCPS for five years, from 2012 until April 2017. Friday is his 37th birthday.

Via wbaltv

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Student hospitalized, 3 others ill after drug-laced brownies brought to Prince George’s Co. school

– A student at Charles H. Flowers High School is facing charges after brownies that may have been laced with synthetic marijuana were brought onto campus Friday, Prince George’s County police say.

One student was transported to a local hospital and three other students reported feeling ill after they consumed the brownies at the beginning of the school day.

 “We identified a student here today who brought in a brownie to school,” said Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Lamar Robinson. “We believe that brownie contained suspected synthetic marijuana. That student gave a brownie to a few students in the school. One student went to the classroom and fell ill. That student then in turn went to the nurse, and the nurse advised she go to the hospital. She was assessed, evaluated and then released.”

Videos and Photographs promoting community engagement in PG County, Maryland District.

We were at Drew Freeman Middle School in Suitland promoting community engagement @PGDems @MDDems


Lopez goes lethal on Young Democrats former boss, Joseph Lynn Kitchen, calls him part of the Swamp.


Joseph Lynn Kitchen is part of the swamp in Prince George’s County

Thursday, April 19, 2018 – Here’s a post by Julian Lopez attacking loud-mouthed YD former boss, Joseph Lynn Kitchen, badly.

When Mr. Kitchen was questioned about major violations of law he has committed in Maryland, he denied he was the one through his Twitter account. However, everyone knows it’s Mr. Kitchen who was arrested.

Mr. Kitchen who calls himself a  “Reverend” at one time dropped the tag after being challenged for being in the closet in Maryland. In short, He has a long history of misleading and lying to the community while undermining his base. It now appears, he has met his match this time around and is cornered like a rat.

This guy (Julian Lopez) who is a candidate and running for at large County council seat in Prince George’s county Maryland as democrat, is not playing around with corruption. Vote for him on June 26th primary. He has no mercy on the bad guys, Eh! Eh!






Camera Owned by Prince George’s Co. Public Schools Found Hidden in Principal’s Office

Still0416_00011_1523923271634_5335910_ver1.0_640_360The camera that was found inside a Prince George’s County school belonged to the school district and was hidden inside a principal’s office, multiple sources tell News4.

Police and school officials announced Monday that an administrator had found a recording device in hidden in their office earlier that day. Police said they believed the camera was put there to collect information, but say they still aren’t sure what the investigation was about.

News4 learned the administrator was a principal at a Prince George’s County high school, but police refuse to confirm more details so the identity of the victim remains private.

A source from the school told News4 that the camera was cylindrical and looked like a smoke detector. They said it was in the corner of the principal’s office — something easy to overlook.

The principal found the camera on accident, a source says.

The discovery was reported to Kevin Maxwell, the CEO of Prince George’s County Schools, who called in police to investigate.

“This was placed deliberately and then discovered by the victim,” Prince George’s County Police Chief Henry Stawinski said at a press conference Monday.

Multiple sources confirmed to News4 that the camera was owned by the school system, but it would have needed high-level approval — if it was approved at all.

“We do not believe it was intended for criminal purposes, but at this point in the investigation we are unclear as to who authorized the placement of that device,” chief Stawinski said.

The camera had been in the school for more than a year and police say it could be accessed remotely.

The union representing principals and administrators, the Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel, voiced concern and called for a transparent investigation.

“We are extremely concerned,” Doris Reed, the union’s executive director said. “Our people are already working under tremendous stress. They don’t need the paranoia that someone is spying on them.”

Students were not targeted and police say there are not other devices hidden in other schools.

The case was assigned to public corruption investigators, Stawinski said on Monday. Police don’t believe the recording device was intended for prurient purposes, but didn’t rule out other explanations.

The announcement comes amid issues and infighting among leadership at Prince George’s County Schools, including disputes about pay and a grade tampering scandal.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan called for Maxwell to be dismissed in February after allegations of system-wide grade tampering were confirmed.

Earlier this month, board members decried large pay increases that several members executives received. Board members asked for a 4 percent raise for teachers several months ago and were denied. In a letter, members showed that some executives got raises of as much as 36 percent.

Via NBC4


Prince George’s County special ed teacher among 27 charged in federal drug bust in DC area


5C2E5C3D-8E1C-4645-AC0A-3D9F4591941EBOWIE, Md. (ABC7) — A Prince George’s County special ed teacher has been charged in in a 20-month federal drug bust in the DC area.

Zenja Truitt works at Bowie High School and the school district says she’s been employed since 2016.
Truitt, 47, was one of the 18 people arrested and a total of 27 indicted.

Federal law enforcement officials say the group is accused of conspiring to distribute heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine – between June 2016 and August 2017.

More than 2,000 grams of cocaine and more than 200 grams of heroin were seized, along with firearms, vehicles, body armor and more than $40,000 in cash.

According to an announcement from U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu, “A total of 21 locations were searched during the law enforcement actions on April 12, including four in the District of Columbia, 11 in Prince George’s County, two in Calvert County, Md., one in Charles County, Md., two in Anne Arundel County, Md., and one in Montgomery County, Md.”

Some of those charged face life behind bars. Truitt could spend 20 years in prison.

The announcement from U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu:


Zenja Truitt works at Bowie High School and the school district says she’s been employed since 2016.

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