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Judge continues investigation…

…into Laurel hiring practices.AR-140229714

(From left) Laurel Mayor Craig Moe explains the importance of automated external defibrillators on Feb. 19 at the Laurel Municipal Center alongside Rescue One CEO Jeremy Gruber, Laurel Police Chief Rich McLaughlin, Deputy Chief James Brooks, Laurel Councilman Edward Ricks and Laurel Emergency Services Director Martin Flemion. (Picture courtesy  Emilie Eastman/The Gazette)

LAUREL – While a retired circuit court judge hired by the city continues to investigate a former city employee’s accusations of unscrupulous hiring practices, the city staff are holding off on recommending changes to the Mayor and City Council until the investigation is complete.

Mayor Craig Moe said he solicited former Prince George’s Circuit Court Judge Steven Platt of The Platt Group, Inc., to investigate the hiring practices within the city after a concerned citizen, former city police officer Carl Dewalt, came forward in February accusing senior city staff of practicing nepotism, the pracitice of favoring friends and relatives for jobs.
According to Audrey Barnes, director of communications for Laurel, the city is paying the Platt Group $5,000 for the completion of the first part of the report and an additional $2,500 when it completes part two. >>> Read more Prince George’s County Sentinel



Laurel distribution Map in Prince George’s County.