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Rebranding of Prince George’s through Vote 2014.

Vote “No” to Question J and H


Mr. Baker (pictured above) is wrong on multiple fronts and for advocating for wrong choices for the people.

Since 2011, Reform Sasscer Movement has set out with an ambitious goal in mind — to democratize publishing and put state-of-the-art tools in front of media houses both large and small across the planet to transform Prince George’s County government. We believe strongly in this vision because when more people have access to powerful tools on the web, that in-turn empowers them to do great things and in turn, helps change our county and the world through an amazing content.

We feel the same way when it comes to democratizing every county in the world using our model. Well, in every true democracy, a time comes for an election — and in just a few days , citizens across the United States will have a unique opportunity to flex their political muscle and vote in the 2014 Midterm Elections.

Voting is our most fundamental responsibility as citizens — without it, our American democracy wouldn’t exist. Reform Sasscer Movement is a platform that gives everyday people the ability to share their voice and inform the public. We are asking you to take advantage of this voice and information — by exercising your right to vote. When you vote, vote against Question J and H in Prince George’s County. These Questions are disservice to Prince Georgians. >>> >>> Read more > Vote against longer term limits, fewer papers of record in Prince George’s.

We’re asking you for your help to spread the word, encourage participation and get out the vote on November 4th, 2014.

If you have any questions, please channel them through the comment section and we’ll be sure to help wherever we can. Thanks!