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PGCPS Parents and students voice concerns about school fights at Dr. Henry Wise High School.

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Ms. Byonka Gregory, Principal of Dr. Henry Wise High School 

Parents, students and school staff are raising concerns in the community following a special coverage which highlighted a major fiasco at Crossland High School. It is after a string of fights Prince George’s County Public School District administrators admit are out of control. One administrator shook his head after explaining the “current situation” concerning Dr. Henry Wise High School in similar fiasco and walked off powerlessly.

Some parents could possibly change schools if this is not taken care of. A lot of the parents who were meeting with this reporter nodded when that was said. They’re demanding the district put an end to the fights, and soon.

“Right now, we aren’t even sure if we want to come back next year. We’re seriously considering moving and we shouldn’t have to.”

Parents and students at Dr. Henry Wise High School and Crossland High schools are fed up. This school year, it is possible about two dozen students might have been suspended from both High schools because of physical aggression. It is also possible other students might have been punished but there are no improvements in many other schools within the county.

“We are facing a complete breakdown of authority in and outside of the schools, if you’ve heard from parents and students.” One parent who wanted to remain anonymous stated. Carolyn Grobes  added that, “A bunch of these principals aren’t equipped to handle these bad behind students in PGC, but that mess starts AT home. Parents need to start teaching their children HOW to be respectful, behave and stop expecting the schools to do It. They’re going to school to learn, and should know that by high school. The school should start calling the police, having kids arrested and expelled. Put a stop to this behavior before someone gets seriously hurt or killed and PGCS gets sued.” Another parent  Chanda Adkisson  stated on social media that, “This is occurring at several HS. Truly disturbing.”

Fights on school property have been caught on camera and shared on social media. District officials say it’s become a bigger problem than it has in the past. At least two teachers were hurt when they tried  to stop the violence in the past. There is not enough statics to report on that right now.

“We’ve heard stories from families impacted, and if your stomach did not turn of these stories of the parents and staff, I ask do you have a pulse?”

Video footage shows that fights break out both inside and outside the school. The videos show students punching, kicking, dragging and pulling each other’s hair. Several students were knocked out to the ground. Other students appear to be engaged in a serious melee in all directions as others cry for help within Dr. Henry Wise High School grounds.

Some Administrators, parents and an officer who wanted to remain anonymous for now blame the current leadership of Monica Goldson and corrupt union Executives for cover ups.  Some administrators say they can’t pinpoint exactly why there has been an uptick in fights. Some Board members say the district is working hard on a solution.

“I didn’t sleep all week about the issues that come to me about Dr. Henry Wise High School. Every day, every night, something about Dr. Henry Wise High School, and it’s a safety issue. That worries me,” one mother with a child at the school stated.

But parents and students say there’s a lack of communication and trust. When one parent who wanted to remain anonymous was asked if county citizens were aware there are problems within the schools, her response was that, “No they are not aware there are problems and it’s been sickening. Kids getting knocked out in the bathroom. Like I said, this is my daughter Senior year and it’s been horrible. I wanted to take this to the news, but my daughter begged me not too! You know how teenagers are and I don’t want her to have to deal with any issues because of me.”

She added that, “I told her keep doing your work and just hold on for the next couple of months. I’m still a parent and worry about the kids who parents don’t know.”

“It is really bothering me that these type of issues aren’t known of at the higher levels. I would’ve thought the it would be the principal responsibility to report these things,” she concluded.

Another parent stated that, “We were told physical altercations are not fights, but there was no explanation given as to why that is. There was just the general appearance that the administration doesn’t trust the students at the high school and doesn’t trust us enough to tell us what’s actually going on.”

Many Principals in the county do not know how to handle the fights going on in the schools. The current administration led by Monica Goldson seems to be actively trying to conceal the illegal activities with the corrupt union support to derail any meaningful engagement. According to an opinion shared by teachers,  Monica Goldson want to secure a longer term to manage the school system through cover ups and corruption which has been for many years. A new leader who is not tied to the local dirty money networks is required to help shape and salvage the the situation before total disaster or deterioration in a sinking ship.


Prince George’s County Juvenile Services within the Prince George’s County Court House can assist parents if their child is being targeted.