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PGCPS Board chairman Segun charged with assaulting Board Member Edward Burroughs after Retaliation.


Members of the Prince George’s County School Board meet to address and vote on the severance package of outgoing schools CEO Kevin Maxwell on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

– The Prince George’s County Board of Education Chairman has been charged with assault after he was accused of pushing a school board member into a bookcase following a testy meeting Thursday evening, according to officials. This blog was the first to break the story this morning following a retaliatory action which occurred at Sasscer at the beckoning the county leadership after an organized scheme went AWOL.

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Office confirmed to the press that Dr. Segun Eubanks has been charged with second-degree assault.

Following Thursday’s school board meeting, school board member Edward Burroughs said Eubanks and the chairman’s lawyer called him into a back room to talk to him. Burroughs said Eubanks pushed him against a bookcase and put his hand on his face and said, “I will fuck you up.” The police report states that officers had to remove Eubanks from the grounds.

Another school board member who witnessed the alleged incident backed up Burroughs’ account. Eubanks did not respond to the press request for his account of what happened.

The explosive allegations come after the school board voted to approve embattled Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell more than $800,000 as part of his severance package which includes accumulated leave. Eubanks, who negotiated this agreement, refused to speak about the severance deal along with Maxwell, who left after the school board’s executive session. There are reports and evidence of Eubanks, Baker and Maxwell have been working together to derail justice.

During the meeting, Burroughs and fellow school board member David Murray publicly called on Eubanks to resign. The crowd in attendance at the meeting cheered when Murray made the call for Eubanks’s resignation.

“I don’t say this lightly,” said Murray. “I want to take this opportunity to ask you, Dr. Eubanks. publicly to help us turn a new leaf by stepping down with Dr. Maxwell so this system can come together.”

Burroughs echoed the idea.

“I do believe this deal that was negotiated was not done in the best interests of the school district,” he said. “I think we had a very weak negotiator at the table. I agree with Mr. Murray that if we’re really going to turn a leaf, I think it’s important for the board chair to step down.”

“I think the leadership has enabled this bad behavior that has led us through scandal after scandal after scandal,” Mr. Burroughs added.

Eubanks was appointed chairman of the school board by County Executive Rushern Baker who is his Brother in Law. This blog has repeatedly called on them to resign many times in the past and they have refused despite obvious scheme which is organized to swindle public funds at every turn.

Burroughs said he was in a room where the board can meet in closed session after the meeting when Eubanks approached him, said he was “already going to resign,” then “pinned me against the wall, put his finger in my face and said ‘I will f— you up,’” Burroughs said.

“If I had done that to Dr. Kevin Maxwell you all would have had me arrested,” Burroughs added.

Burroughs said he asked school system police officers in the room to intervene, which they did, and Eubanks was escorted from the building, he said.

Burroughs said he filed charges after the meeting, at a time when he also applied for — and was granted — a temporary restraining order against Eubanks. Online court records confirmed the assault charge against Eubanks, and Burroughs provided copies showing his temporary restraining order was approved. (See screenshots below).

The next question will be on how the state court proceeds. There have been interference of the Prince George’s County Court system for years now involving Rushern Baker III, Head of judiciary in the county and other players currently in leadership roles. The public will be watching to see if justice is done.

Mr. Burroughs said he is consulting with his attorney about how to proceed, but that the incident leaves him feeling more strongly about the need for Eubanks to resign ASAP.

“I shouldn’t have to fear being assaulted when I’m arguing points he disagrees with,” he said.

Eubanks was seen being escorted from the meeting. He has not commented yet.

Eubanks also serves as the Director of the Center for Education Innovation and Improvement at the University of Maryland’s education department. He also works or worked for the union (National Education Association) NEA which creates a strong conflict of interest on another level. Many teachers seeking justice have not been able to get any due to his shennanigan.

The press contacted Eubanks for comment. He responded in full, “On advice of counsel I am declining all comment at this time.”

In the meantime, Monica Goldson who is known to be much more corrupt than Dr. Kevin Mawell is said to be fronted to take over after Dr. Maxwell. The public is asked to resist such a move.

More to come.

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Peace order

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Criminal complaint against Board Chairman Dr. Eubank Segun.

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