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Pr. George’s school leaders…

…need to keep faith with parents


Pr. George’s school leaders

By Keith Harriston, Friday, September 20, 11:29 AM

Here’s some unsolicited advice for the Prince George’s public schools chief executive, Kevin Maxwell: Let those who work for you in central administration know that misleading parents is bad policy.These days, parents with children at Judith Hoyer Montessori think that deception is school policy. (For transparency: I have a child at the school.) Why?

In late 2011 and early 2012, the school district held public meetings to discuss new school boundaries. The plan included moving Judith Hoyer to the former Oakcrest Elementary building about four miles away. Such a move to a larger facility, officials told Judith Hoyer parents, would allow the school to expand to include grades seven and eight. That would leave families in central Prince George’s with a full kindergarten-through-eighth grade Montessori program and put them on equal footing with public school Montessori programs that serve families in northern and southern Prince George’s. >>> Read More Washington Post


Traditional liberal concepts of democracy and citizenship rely on an informed citizenry to hold governments accountable. If they do not contribute fully because of their disappointment with government failings, and as a result withdraw from the political and democratic processes, some Politians might like it. When citizens withdraw, it is not the politicians that suffer but rather the people and their fellow citizens that do. While politicians might play the political game merely to win an election, this does great harm to their communities and nations all over the world. In this case, this how former county Executive Jack Johnson  was able to pull off through a reign of terror for many years without accountability. We should never let such a scenario revisit itself  here in this county. On this note, we applaud the parents of Judith Hoyer Montessori for demanding transparency. Parents in the other schools should do the same thing. This is the only way to keep the leadership in check.

“Winning elections only matters if the governing that follows progresses the county and the nation. The nation only progresses where citizens as a group are better off after the elections than before.”

Whether citizens are better off or not, it is a matter of judgment on the part of citizens and not necessarily what political factions assert. In the end, in an open democracy, the wisdom of the citizenry wins out.

We believe trust in government will not be restored by what citizens expect but by what they inspect within their local governments. There is a great need for politicians, at both the national and local levels and especially here in Prince George’s County, to be forced to submit themselves to greater inspection, scrutiny and accountability.

Politicians, should be scrutinized both before and after they are elected. Parents needs to get involved with parent teacher Associations (PTA) in their neighborhood schools.  They need to subject their leaders to rigorous scrutiny as to their thoughts about governing and their conduct in the governing process. The issue is to get at the heart of their policy content, intent and execution.

Only an alert, attentive and active citizenry can ensure this level of inspection. It is much to ask of people caught up in their everyday lives and the burdens of making ends meet, but when politics matters to the quality of everyday life, then involvement is mandatory.

While an active change in governing structure is important, the media cannot do it alone:  “It is not enough to leave the media to this inspection alone.  The media must play its rightful role, but an active media and active citizenry can make for a powerful inspection mechanism for politicians. If you want to make an inept politician shake, tell him or her that both the press and his constituents are demanding to speak with him or her and have some tough questions to ask.”

Sleeping voters and a passive media are an ill-intentioned politician’s dream.

As articulated before, Mr. Rushern Baker’s biggest test is creating a smooth transition within the schools, but if he wants to pass this test, he must persuade every single PG County citizen that he has sincere intentions that transcend his own political interest, for the wellbeing of the County to include other groups into the change management with the New CEO.

If PG County is to attain its aspirations for modernity, its politicians must see value in balancing county and national drivers of growth. This way, they can create enabling environment for Businesses to flourish while embracing other groups as part of the county system.

Our world needs drastic improvements in governance structure especially here in PG County under County Executive Rushern Baker III. If any improvement is to come, alert, attentive and active citizens must rise up and demand for it. The more alert, attentive and active, the greater the improvement is likely to be. Schools in the county are not going to progress if we do not get involved in the process and demand accountability. It’s our moral duty.




“The collapse of good conscience and the absence of accountability and public scrutiny have led to crimes against humanity.” ~Nelson Mandela.

PGCPS finally hears our cry…

….concerning high suspension rates and outlines new disciplinary policy in student handbook to address the concern.


In Prince George’s County Public school system, there were 15,615 suspensions in the 2011-2012 school year and 13,951 in 2012-2013, a drop of 1,664.

Prince George’s County schools (PGCPS) have a new discipline policy that officials hope will reduce the number of suspensions following our expose in corroboration with Washington post and keep students in school. The PGCPS school district has done a good thing by improving their disciplinary code for students. Enforcing too many days of suspension leads to students falling behind on their homework and many never catch up again. Since many students are punished for misbehavior, in many school districts around the country, this is a good improvement for sure. Zero tolerance should not be a base for disciplinary codes.

According to Washington post, …”The policy, outlined in a handbook recently distributed to the county’s 123,000 students, reduces the number of offenses that could include suspension as a punishment and places a maximum number of days a student can be kept out of class for a specific offense.”… >>Read more Washington post

Many schools across the nation report increases in the use of punitive disciplinary methods (e.g., suspension). As a result, many students on suspension become a problem to our society. The need for these disciplinary practices to address serious student misconduct is undisputed. However, what research has questioned is why some students seem to be suspended more often than others, what effects suspension has on students, and whether or when alternatives to suspension might be more effective practices than suspension itself.

In general, African-American male students are suspended at higher rates than are other racial/ethnic groups. While the reasons for the connection between race and school discipline is not clear, this relation likely occurs because of an interplay among many factors that cut across student-, teacher-, administrative-, policy-, institutional-, and community-level factors. Research suggests that school systems that incorporate comprehensive schoolwide practices that are positive, consistent, collaboratively regulated, and culturally sensitive are much more likely to have lower rates of suspension than schools without such practices. School systems that incorporate such comprehensive proactive policies are also much more likely to enhance their students’ current and future academic achievements as well as their broader life successes.



We are like farmers. We plant seeds of thought and emotions in our lives. That which we plant will produce effects in which we must live. There can be no effect without a cause. The cause is what we believe, how we act and react to what we experience. The cause lies within us. It is the essence of our being, our spirit. ~ Iyanla Vanzant



Ms. Mundey Swearing-In Ceremony.

…Board of Education Swearing-In Ceremony 9/16/13

Lyn J. Mundey

Lyn J. Mundey

Lyn Mundey was sworn in Monday as the newest member of the Prince George’s County Board of Education.

Mundey replaces former school board member Carletta Fellows, who resigned in July after serving six months on the board. Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) appointed Mundey to the District 7 seat last month. Read full article >> The Washington Post

>>Watch the video

Ceremony in pictures




Applications to fill PGCPS BOARD…

… of Education District 7 Vacancy –


UPPER MARLBORO, MD –  Today, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III announced that he will be accepting applications from residents who are  interested in filling the Prince George’s County Board of Education  vacancy left after the resignation of District 7 School Board Member Carletta Fellows.  According to Maryland House of Delegates Bill 1107, the recent education reform law for Prince George’s County, the County  Executive is required to appoint a member to the Board of Education  whenever there is a vacancy.  Furthermore, since this vacancy is a  result of an elected board member leaving office, the County Executive’s appointee must reside in the School Board district where there is a  vacancy. 

 Interested residents who reside in Board of Education District 7 Prince George’s County School District Map can obtain a copy of the District 7 School Board Application from the Prince George’s County website or the County Administration  Building upon request. Applications should be mailed to Office of the  County Executive, County Administration Building 14741 Governor Oden  Bowie Drive Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772-3050 and/or emailed to  Courtney Glass at  All applications must be postmarked by close of business Tuesday, August 6, 2013. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Upon receipt, each application will be evaluated and referred to the County  Executive for consideration.  For questions or additional information,  please contact

worship of false gods in PG and elsewhere.

No other

You shall have no other gods before Me…

We worship false gods when our heroes are determined not by their values but by their financial worth. We idolize people of wealth – and so we pursue lives that will fill our bank accounts and leave our spirit barren.

We impress upon our children the goal of success – and then define it in ways that will leave them spiritually unfulfilled.

We compare the salaries of our educators and our spiritual leaders to the titans of Wall Street, the stars of the sports world and the famous entertainment figures and we have no trouble discerning what the world round about us most reveres.

To believe in God requires us to reject all the false gods of our society that seek only to still the voice of our conscience and the stirrings of our soul.


The Older

Union henchman threatens Beloved Maryland Senator.


Mr. James Spears


Mr. Daniel Besseck

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 Leadership engaged in corruption and misconduct (Pictured above)

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250, via Executive Director Mr. Daniel Besseck, demonstrated that it was not above “school yard bullying” when Mr. Besseck attempted to physically attack a hard-working senator from Prince George’s County recently. This childish behavior did not happen on the back of a school playground, but instead at a meeting that was held for the purpose of addressing grievances. This behavior is unbecoming of a union representative. According to the International constitution, members have a right to free speech and they should not suffer impairment (Read more) What else does Mr. Besseck do in private after this display of thuggery of the ninth degree in public to a high-ranking public official?

Senator Joan Benson, who cares a lot about the school system, was emphasizing a point when she mentioned Mr. Daniel Besseck as having been opposed to the HB1107 legislation passed recently. As she was illuminating the point, Mr. Besseck stood up and approached her in a threatening manner while mumbling, and gesturing towards her in an attempt to strike her. Before Mr. Besseck could accomplish his unspeakable goal, he was restrained forcefully by a union member in the meeting. Once again, a non-union official had to clean up the mess of the union.  Many union members of ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 and other unions have sought help from her over the years concerning problems in schools. She is a true champion of children together with other Senators and delegates in PG County.  Why then harass and threaten someone like Senator Joan Benson who means well to employees, families and children of PG County? Many of the people who witnessed the incident against Senator Benson are still in shock.  Many were truly offended, and extremely disappointed with this under-handed tactic by the Executive Director towards a state senator, which is inconsistent with the manner in which union does business. Mr. Besseck is prone to lash out to union members and is not a team player. The threatening nature and communication by Mr. Besseck to the senator in the presence of union members was inappropriate. What occurred at the union meeting was only a symptom of the larger problems we must finally confront. Notwithstanding our ongoing conversations and concern about the direction and leadership of our beloved union, our Board has not taken any action to improve its leadership or to address member concerns.

A meeting to address the issue is scheduled this Thursday afternoon June 13th 2013 at 3231 Superior Lane, A3 Bowie, Maryland 20715.

Mr. Besseck has had a very troublesome tenure and he is known to have a specific gender bias. Some members have pointed out his racist tendencies to no avail.  Female employees are said to be scared of approaching him and he silences civil opposition with verbal tyranny. His approach of doing union Business is costing the union millions of dollars in liability and his corrupt activities are well-known. He is reputed for his preference of carpet interviews. He treats female workers as an extension of his harem. Some of the many tools of his abrasive arsenal are said to include tempering with union election ballots, expenditure, and fraternization with staff members among others.  Mr. Besseck’s lackluster job performance has also resulted in many poor decisions in operations, internal and external communications.

Mr. Besseck is assisted in this roguish behavior by Mr. James Spears, who likes to undermine the union while working closely with Mr. James Whattam, Mr. Damon Felton and other conspirators.  Every bully needs henchmen. Mr. Spears likes to use terms like “I have got your back” and is heavily involved in tampering with evidence and intimidating witnesses. Several grievances have been mishandled at the hands of these two henchmen and a leave without pay is warranted pending investigations. Anybody who says “there is no problem” is putting his head in the sand. The Executive Board needs to ask them to step aside like in all investigations until they are cleared of wrong doing. We are confident a temporary care taker can be appointed to take over on a temporary basis. If no action is taken, the Union membership is asked to exercise their democratic right and reject the current eight (8) Executive Board members in bed with the two in the polls in October this year. Both Mr. Besseck and Mr. Spears were recruited by Mr. Damon Felton, an attorney for the MSEA who was in bed with management for many years. Mr. Felton contributed greatly to the suffering of a great number of families in Prince George’s County.  He has  been busy conspiring with his mentor Mr. James Whattam, who is slated to resign at the end of this month due to incompetence, willful neglect of duty and corruption.

Over the years, AFSCME Union has engaged in breach of contract and conspiracy to squander union funds in collusion with previous Board chair Ms. Verjeana Jacobs without any consequences. (Read more ~> ACE-AFSCME LOCAL 2250) So what happened to the money after the union members lost the highlighted case because of the statute of limitations? Who benefits the most when the union is sued for willful violations of State and Federal laws? Membership needs to ask tough questions about these issues… Despite the shocking nature of the previous offenses discussed, there is more to tell regarding the  various unions in PGCPS. Eight of the top ten all-time political contributors are labor unions. Labor leaders have made the use of employee money for political causes a popular practice — but it’s far less popular among the public and the members themselves. However, that is another story in the future.

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 will not be here in three years if we don’t make some crucial decisions now. Concubinage as practiced by some of these union leaders is another issue of concern to union membership.  Mr. Spears is in the debt of the union members, as their dues funds his acquisition of  concubines when he goes to Chicago, Annapolis etc. Our hard-earned dollars should not be used to support such life styles by union representatives. We have ignored one impropriety after another beginning with the personal relationship between the executive Director,  Mr.. Spears and conspirators. After two years, we know their partnership has not served us well.

We have had enough, enough is enough!

It’s time to introduce accountability to the out of control undisciplined union Executives masquerading as union representatives throughout the state of Maryland starting with PG County. If we must move forward in Maryland as a whole, we must address these issues urgently and resolve the problems. In many cases, people walking into the PGCPS schools, central and the Union offices don’t see corruption right away. It takes a keen observer and time studying the situations to understand what is going on.


Just like what has been happening in Baltimore city jail scandal, with a Leader Of Black Guerilla Family Prison Gang, Accused Of Impregnating 4 Female Guards, PGCPS corruption is also aided by union politics which too includes illicit affairs. In Both situations, the senior prison officers in charge were incompetent and involved in corruption. Verjeana Jacobs, who recently retired from the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections as Lieutenant Colonel, was at the same time Board chair of Education in PG County.  Undoubtedly, this was a conflict of interest. Nepotism, Corruption, fraternization, contraband, and professional misconduct are involved. Smuggled Contra band was involved with clear knowledge of the AFSCME personnel and the union failed to protect workers.

The above Union executives have been, and are still, in bed with PGCPS management including some BOE members. As a result of their outlandish selfish behavior, employees, children and families of PG County suffer. It’s time to create union accountability in the absence of such. Unless we make a few people in top Union management accountable, problems are going to persist day in and day out for many years to come!

The ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 union rhetorical banner attached below says that “We make the schools work “. However, the opposite is true. The union is destroying schools through unfair, dishonest, perfunctory, arbitrary, or discriminatory treatment of workers by PGCPS Unions and allegations of discrimination based on membership status or dissident views. Employees, families and children of Prince George’s County deserve better than the current status quo. If the unions had done their work, there would have be no need to change the governing structure FOR Prince George’s County Public schools. The ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 union is in genuine trouble and “time is of the essence” for new leadership.

On this note, the union henchmen identified here must step aside to allow proper investigations to occur. The Union Executives sleeping with their subordinates and making innocent workers pregnant without check, must also step aside. It’s time!


  • Support increased penalty for contraband in jails, prisons and especially schools.
  • Support strong penalties for union executives and administrators who sit on grievances with serious implication and danger for the society.
  • Reform Sasscer Movement would be interested in working with the legislature to explore the state’s ability to prosecute gang members within the school district who have connection with the jails.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn


LOCAL 2250

Another PGCPS Employee Arrested for Sexual Contact with Student.

Steven Ray Poe

Steven Ray Poe, a 36-year-old Lanham man and the student allegedly engaged in sexual conduct for more than a month. Photo: Prince George’s County Police

Another employee a janitor this time around at a Prince George’s County high school has been charged with sexual abuse after a 15-year-old student. She told police she had a sexual relationship with him.

Charging documents indicate that Steven Ray Poe, a 36-year-old Lanham man (Pictured above), repeatedly engaged in sexual acts with the victim on the DuVal High School campus, including both on school grounds and inside his apartment.

The relationship allegedly started in late April, when Prince George’s County Police say Poe and the victim began talking causally on campus. Those brief conversations led to the student giving Poe her phone number.

During their conversations, though, Poe repeatedly advised the student to delete any text messages she received from him, according to the charging documents. However, the alleged relationship was revealed when authorities say the victim’s mother went through the girl’s phone and found text messages between her and Poe.

The documents say that about two weeks ago, Poe and the defendant met in a janitor’s closet on campus, where they hugged and kissed. That scene was repeated a few days later; during that encounter, though, Poe allegedly touched the student inappropriately.

Police say Poe and the student then engaged in sexual activity twice more. The next instance happened on either May 25 or 26 at Poe’s Lanham apartment. A week later, sometime between June 3 and 7, police say the two once again met in a janitor’s closet; during that encounter, police say the two had another sexual encounter.

He has been charged with third-degree sexual offenses and second-degree assault.

(Read more Washington post) (Read more Bowie Patch) (Read more PGCP Dept) (Read more ABC News7) (Read more WUSA9) (Read more CBS) (Read more NBC4)

Reform Sasscer movement is outraged by the negligence of the Prince George’s County School System in this morally dead situation. The problems have now manifested themselves into physical harm for the children. Urgent  intervention is required by our New Board of Education Chairman to look into these episodes and to avoid further harm to innocent victims. We do understand that change is gradual.  However, this is a state of emergency.  The Prince George’s County School System has established over time that its influence is not only harmful to the educational futures of the children; but also the physical welfare of the students. (Read more)

1st Homeless Shelter for Youth Opens in PG County.

Promise placepromising place

Senator Joan Benson, County Executive Rushern Baker and others pictured above

An emergency homeless shelter for the Youth in PG County opened on May 2, 2013 in Capital Heights this last Thursday, many thanks to Senator Joan Benson, County Executive Baker, other elected officials, volunteers and donors etc. who advocated and donated supplies for the 20 Bed youth shelter. We at Reform Sasscer Movement are thrilled to see this actuality here in PG County. It’s something we advocated for and have always wanted to see for a long time.joan benson

As County Executive Rushern Baker said during the ribbon cutting ceremony, “This initiative represents several years of dedication and hard work from so many committed individuals,”. “I have to commend those who worked tirelessly to ensure that this “safe haven” for youth has become a reality. It is important that we provide all the necessary resources to support those youth that are vulnerable in our County—for that, I thank you.”

Funded by local, state, federal and private dollars, the shelter’s goal is to partner the homeless youth with a caring adult in their lives as soon as possible, though they can stay in the shelter for up to 21 days. This shelter hopely will help solve some of the problems we highlighted earlier because of high suspension rates. (Read more)

The youth shelter has 20 beds and is open to homeless youth ages 12 to 21. All youth should contact the Homeless Hotline at 888-731-0999. If they are in trouble.

We hope PGCPS Board of education members, the school superintendent, principals, teachers etc will help in disseminating the vital information to all students in the county in order to create awareness of the facility for those homeless youth or those in transition!

(Read more), (Washington post)