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5-Year-Old Shouldn’t Be Expected to Walk Mile to School, PGCPS Parent Says


A Prince George’s County father contacted News4 after learning his 5-year-old son would have to walk a mile to school and cross dangerous roads. News4’s Chris Gordon reports.

A Maryland school district said a little boy who just started kindergarten lives too close to his new elementary to ride a bus, but his father says he is too young to walk alone on busy streets.

Five-year-old Anthony Flowers Jr. started kindergarten in Beltsville, Maryland, on Tuesday. His father said he has tried since July to get Prince George’s County Public Schools to assign his son a school bus, but they refused. The family lives in the walking zone, within 1.5 miles for elementary schoolers, PGCPS said.

Having Anthony Jr. walk a mile to school alone on streets with no sidewalks is not an option, his father said.

“No kids play in the street here because they know it’s dangerous. So what makes them think that a kid can walk to school on his own, especially at this age?” he said.

Anthony Jr. also said he thinks the streets are not safe enough for him to walk.

“It’s dangerous. There’s no sidewalk and it’s downhill, so cars are, like, flying down the road,” he said. “If cars are parking [on] two sides of the road and one’s coming, then you could get hit.”

Flowers drove his son to school Tuesday morning and then left work in the middle of the day to pick him up.

News4 contacted PGCPS. A superintendent with the transportation department went to the Flowers’ neighborhood to look at Anthony Jr.’s route.

“He told me to give him until Friday. He’ll see what he can do,” Flowers said he was told.

In nearby Montgomery County, parents who let their 6-year-old and 10-year-old children walk a mile home alone from local parks was investigated by Child Protective Services for neglect. Danielle and Alexander Meitiv’s parenting style was labeled “free-range.”

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Board members are also criticizing PG County School’s CEO Kevin Maxwell for a lack of leadership and proper vision for the whole School District.  This stems from the federal Head Start funding program scandal. Last week, the federal government terminated the grant for the Headstart program in Prince Georges County because of several instances of corporal punishment or humiliation of students by Headstart teachers. But there are other issues including interferences of ongoing cases within the court system and grievances involving employees who filed complaints to help fix the issues.


Segun Eubanks – Brother in Law to County Executive Baker is involved in a conflict of interest involving the Teacher’s Union as an Employee of National Education Association (NEA) and as the Board of Education Chair Person. Mr. Eubanks appears to be undermining grievances and does not seem to care about the well being of the youth and the staff. 


County Executive Rushern Baker III is a man under siege and presiding a county with major trash problems this year. Rushern Baker III appears to have taken over the entire school District for personal gain and to reward his friends as the rest of the county citizenry suffers under heavy taxation under his regime. Poor leadership on several fronts including interference with the courts and grievances involving employees who filed  complaints.