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2014 Elections.



The boss who decides how you are evaluated, the amount of planning time you have, and how much you are paid—as well as nearly every other condition of your profession—is probably not a seasoned veteran of public education.

Your boss, actually your bosses, are the local, county, and state politicians who win on Election Day—no education experience required— they get the job! So, like it or not, your job as a teacher, School Bus driver, Custodian, Administrator, payroll clerk, specialist etc.  is indeed very political because your bosses are politicians. They don’t have to have an education degree, pedagogical training, or any exposure to the complex inner workings of a school building, yet they set your pension, determine class size, fund your contract, mandate student testing, and appoint the people who decide your evaluations.

Education workers are special. Because our bosses are politicians, our struggle as Reform Sasscer Movement members isn’t only at the worksite, it’s at the voting booth this year. While some might see this as a curse, it’s really a blessing—we get to hire our bosses by choosing them on Election Day. This  year, we need to push for those leaders who are credible in order to create an accountable government which is responsive to the people.

Over the last few election cycles, Reform Sasscer Movement members have stepped up in big ways and pro-education candidates with Reform Sasscer Movement’s endorsement have won more than 80% of their campaigns.

With the 2014 primary elections on the horizon this June and general election in November, it’s time to work together to elect the bosses we need to help our schools, communities and students succeed. Send an email to to find out how you can help win the 2014 elections that matter most to public education in Maryland. This is the only way we are going to take back our schools and help with innovation in Maryland.





To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. ~ Louis L’Amour

Politics in Prince George’s County.


As we prepare for 2014 election cycle, the incumbents on the Prince George’s County will be facing a lot of competition in the June 24 primary election, but some countywide officeholders might be unopposed in both the primary and the general elections, according to the list of candidates who filed to run by Tuesday night’s deadline February 25th, 2014.

The Prince George’s County Board of Elections and the Maryland State Board of Elections in Annapolis kept their offices open until 9 p.m. Tuesday to allow candidates to file. See the full list for Maryland (delegates and senators) Here and the list for Prince George’s County Here.  Find out who’s competing to represent you. There are some elected officials who we must kick to the curb and there are some who we must keep as elected leaders because of their Sterling Performance in Annapolis.

We plan to interview and scrutinize the new candidates and some of the incumbents for your analysis. We must determine the suitability because corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct continues to be a way of life in Prince George’s County – Maryland. We plan to make some recommendations before June 2014 and November 2014 elections cycle. Remember that, We must elect leaders who care more about the environment and the future of the county and the country. Leaders who are not connected to Malfeasance. We can do it if we change the focus and reward leaders with fire in the belly. Keep checking our blogs to help steer the county forward.

Although unaffiliated, Independent, Green and Libertarian voters and voters from other parties other than Democratic or Republican will not be able to cast ballots in the Democratic or Republican primary races, they will be able to vote in the nonpartisan school board race, Election officials said. (see previous post)

“Everyone has something to vote on in the primary,” Election officials said.