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Senator Mike Miller Causes A Huge Headache for Maryland Democrats

democratic-party-wallpaper_origDemocrats all over the country have lately been demanding that Confederate statues and other monuments celebrating slavery be taken down.  That extends to Maryland, where Baltimore Mayor Cathy Pugh had four Confederate monuments removed in the middle of the night.  But when Maryland Democrats demanded that an Annapolis statue of former U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney also be removed, they ran into opposition from arguably the state’s most powerful Democratic politician: Senate President Mike Miller.


Maryland Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller.

Democrats’ objections to Taney are rooted in his authoring of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, which held that descendants of Africans imported as slaves into the U.S. could not be American citizens.  In 2015, Governor Larry Hogan defended the Taney statue in Annapolis in the Washington Post.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) says he is opposed to a change in the state song and likened the effort to calls for removing the statue of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, author of the pro-slavery Dred Scott decision, from the grounds of the State House.

“It’s political correctness run amok,” Hogan said in an interview last week. “Where do we stop? Do we get rid of the George Washington statues out here and take down all the pictures from all the people from the Colonial era that were slave owners? Do we change the name of Washington County, Carroll County and Calvert County?

“You can’t change history, and we’re not going to be able to rewrite history,” Hogan said. “And I don’t think we ought to be changing any of that.”

After Democrats including House Speaker Mike Busch pushed back this week, Hogan changed his mind and agreed to remove the statue.  The Governor was one of three members of the four-member board with jurisdiction over the statue to vote for removal.  But one member of the board objected to the process of deciding the issue by email: Senate President Mike Miller.  In his letter, Miller argued that Taney opposed slavery and “freed his slaves early in his life,” joined an “anti-kidnapping society” to protect free blacks and remained loyal to the Union until his death.  Miller also cited support for the statue from former Baltimore City Delegate Pete Rawlings and a descendant of Dred Scott.  We reprint the letter below.Miller-Taney-Letter-1Miller-Taney-Letter-2

Whatever one thinks of Miller’s opinion, it’s a big headache for Maryland Democrats.  Much of their strategy to oppose Governor Hogan has been to criticize him for silence  and then giving Maryland Attorney General questionable power to sue the President Donald Trump and his administration in Federal Court.  That strategy has affected the behavior of the democratic party leaders some of them engaged in questionable conduct while in office. However, the issue goes deeper and is tied to misconduct as pointed in this blog by close friend some of whom are serving as state judges here in Maryland.   But what of Miller?  If his comments on the Taney statue had come from Hogan, Maryland Democrats would be swarming all over him.  What happens when such sentiments come from one of the most powerful Democrats in the state of Maryland?

One Democrat who did not blanch from criticizing the Senate President was Senator Rich Madaleno (D-18), who is running for Governor.  Madaleno wrote on Facebook that Miller “is wrong.”Madaleno-Miller-Taney.png

The rest of the Democrats now have a choice.  They can be intellectually honest and take on one of the leaders of their party.  Or they can ignore Senator Mike Miller and look like hypocrites while going down with major loses for their party in 2018 and beyond.


Governor Larry Hogan appears to be currently winning after he denounced aspects supported by Senator Mike Miller which do not resonate well with the Maryland public.


3 Prince George’s County children killed inside Clinton, Maryland home


 – Three girls under the age of 10 were killed inside of a home in Clinton, Maryland on Friday morning, according to investigators.

Prince George’s County Police Department say officers got a call at about 7:30 am from a family member who discovered the three bodies inside of a home in the 6400 block of Brooke Jane Drive. When officers arrived at the home, they met with members of the family and found the bodies of three children inside.

Speaking with reporters Friday afternoon, police stressed that while they can’t give many details about the case, they wanted residents to know that it appears the crime does not present a threat to anyone else in the neighborhood and is only related to the house where it happened. Some residents have expressed concern for the safety of their own children, and police wanted them to know they don’t believe there is any threat to other neighbors.

“I’m still shaking because of the fact that there are three children dead in my neighborhood,” neighbor James Pinkney told FOX 5. “I have a daughter, also my neighbors, they have children, so this is horrific. I can’t even go to work today because I have a child here and there’s a murderer out here.”

Prince George’s County Deputy Chief Sammy Patel confirmed the victims are three young children. He wouldn’t give specifics about their identities, but he did confirm that all three victims are girls younger than 10. They were pronounced dead at the scene, and homicide investigators continue working at the house.

Patel said investigators are also speaking with family members at police headquarters, but would not give any further details as to how they were related to the victims. He added that they believe they have made contact with a parent, but couldn’t say any more than that.

Prince George’s County Police Assistant Chief Hector Velez said the entire force was mourning the tragic loss of three young lives, and investigators will work tirelessly to find the person or people responsible.

“I wear a uniform but I am a father. Those who responded here today are parents, aunts, uncles and siblings of young children who they care for and love very much. We all feel this loss,” Velez said.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks appeared at Friday afternoon’s news conference alongside police. She said people in Prince George’s County again woken up to another nightmare and they are heartbroken.

“They are not alone in their grief. We are grieving together,” Alsobrooks said, adding that the rash of violence in the county and the country needs to end.

In an earlier update Friday morning, Prince George’s County Police spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said the scene inside the home was gruesome. All three victims had suffered from trauma to the body.

“This is one of the the most difficult scenes that our officers arrived on,” Donelan said, adding that the neighborhood where the children were found was quiet.

Anyone with information that could aid detectives in their investigation was urged to call Crime Solvers at (866) 411-8477.

Via Fox5DC