Vote Against Question D And unofficial/faux 2016 Democratic Sample Ballot is Misleading.

Sen. Muse explains how Question D is a way for Prince George’s County Council members to extend their political careers and for major developers to cash in on political favors. Sen. Muse is one of the only elected officials willing to speak out against the political establishment to support civic activists.

In addition, many of us in the reform movement were disappointed congressional candidates this year chose to intervene in the local issues against the position of the County Central Committee. But, unfortunately, this is how the Democratic political machinery  works in our county. As a movement of reform and reform minded Democrats in Prince George’s county against all kinds of slates, sample ballots and political corruption. We believe all candidates should compete on their own merits without interference.

As you know, Early Voting was available to VOTERS in Prince George’s County Maryland for eight (8) consecutive days from 8AM-8PM. It ended Thursday, November 3, 2016. People we met on the campaign trail demonstrated they WANT CHANGE. If you can VOLUNTEER on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 from 7AM-8PM, please respond to this email/post.

As highlighted above, in the mail or at the polls you might have received an unofficial/faux 2016 Democratic Sample Ballot. Some special interest groups, Political Action Committees (PACs), elected officials and aspiring elected officials support all candidates identified on the document including Non-Partisan Board of Education Candidates and all referendum items that include the controversial Question D cited above by Senator Muse. Our Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee (PGCDCC) who represents the Democratic Party voted against endorsing any Non-Partisan Board of Education Candidates and against Question D. Our PGCDCC decided to send out the 2016 Official Democratic Sample Ballot electronically due to the enormous cost of printing it.

Most citizens of Prince George’s County have been mislead by the unofficial/faux 2016 Democratic Sample Ballot. You and others can still CHANGE THINGS by volunteering on Tuesday, November 8th to pass out the right information and asking people to VOTE  AGAINST QUESTION D. The  unofficial/faux 2016 Democratic Sample Ballot almost seems like it’s designed to trick voters who want to vote the party line into thinking that there’s a Democratic candidate for school board and a Republican candidate. This is not fair to the citizens of the county.


Learn more about why people from across Prince George’s County are voting NO on Question D.

Change this year is in your HANDS when you vote with the correct information and with your best interest at heart!




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