District 8 Board of Education race between Hinton, Burroughs III.

Burroughs, who was endorsed by the teachers union, says his priorities are accountability and transparency. He wants an external investigation into how the school system handled problems in Head Start and why it took so long to discipline the employees involved. He was among the five school board members who called for the resignation of top board leaders following the crisis and, more recently, for Maxwell to step down.

“We have a leadership issue and an accountability issue. More money alone is not going to solve the problem,” Burroughs said. He wants to focus on special education and says he will continue to push for adding math and reading specialists for the 25 lowest-performing schools.

Edward Burroughs III has promised to fight corruption within the county and has been fighting without fail lately. The Board of Education of Prince George’s County came after him very hard by auditing his mileage in retaliation in order to break him down as a result of his advocacy.


Stephanie Hinton, 52, a fifth-grade teacher from Temple Hills

Stephanie Hinton, 52, a fifth-grade teacher from Temple Hills, is a first-time candidate. Her priorities include working to reduce class sizes in schools and retain quality teachers in the district.

“I see teachers leaving mid-year . . . because they are being offered better pay in other districts,” she said.

Hinton, who was endorsed by Baker, said that recent abuse scandals are a major concern and that the county “needs to be proactive.” When problems do arise, she said, “the investigations need to happen more rapidly as well as consequences.”

Hinton’s career in education spans 20 years, including seven in county schools, several in Catholic schools and a period as owner of a tutoring service. In her 20s, she was a military police officer in the Army. She graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Prince George’s County voters are encouraged to elect Board of Education members with highest levels of ethics to help improve the county and create transparency. Forces of Corruption will not work if the voters are engaged to create better outcomes.



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