Looking for answers in PGCPS system bus fire.


Bus driver Renita Smith said she had just made her third or fourth stop when the dashboard of the bus began beeping. Smith was able to get the 20 children – ages 4 to 9 – off the bus and to safety just before fire engulfed the vehicle.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD (WUSA9) – Earlier this week, a Prince George’s County school bus caught fire, in a story that’s now been shared around the world.

At the time of the fire, there were 20 school kids inside the bus. The driver saved them all.

WUSA9 wanted to know where the bus was and what might have cause the bus to go up in flames. But the county’s school board did not make it so easy.

Just after 10:00 a.m. Thursday, WUSA9 reached out to the school board in an attempt to get that particular bus’s maintenance records.

Investigators have said faulty brakes often start these kind of fires.

But county officials failed to share any of the public information, instead threatening to call the cops and “come after” the reporter.

Via wusa9



Firefighters believe defective brakes were the cause of the blaze.


Parents are demanding change and accountability from the board of education. They want the CEO, chair and vice chair of the school system gone. Rushern Baker III needs to resign for engaging in cover ups, nepotism and political cronyism.


CEO- Kevin Maxwell – Mr. Rushers Baker III and Segun Eubanks hired Kevin Maxwell (seen here) to be school system CEO. Maxwell promptly hired Mrs. Dereck Davis as his top deputy. She reports to her husband. Several Board members are asking for his resignation. He appears to be involved in mega-corruption and cover up and it’s not good for community. The community must demand for his ouster and demand proper changes ASAP.


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  1. First cause of the fire is a failure to properly pre-trip the bus on the part of the bus driver. Most likely a bad grease seal leaked grease all over the brake/rim and then when the brakes were applied the grease caught on fire. Driver states it was just her third or fourth stop. A proper air brake test, a required part of any pre-trip, would have caught any other problems with the brakes that a visual inspection failed to see.


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