PGCPS Board member weighs in on Head Start allegations and Cover up.


Edward Burroughs III said it’s absurd and he isn’t backing down from his previous claim that there is possibly a cover up.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD (WUSA9) – After the Department of Health and Human Services announced its decision to suspend federal funding for the Head Start program in Prince George’s County, many were outraged.

One member of the county’s Board of Education, Edward Burroughs, called for an external investigation into a possible cover up within the system.

“I want to know who knew what when. How long has this been occurring, what are the other instances,” Burroughs said. “And I’m not confident that we have the level of integrity necessary to do this investigation in house.”

Burroughs contended that members of the board were not informed of the investigation, but now the chair, vice chair, and another board member are pushing back on his claims.

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In a statement, Chair Dr. Segun Eubanks and Vice Chair Carolyn Boston said, “it is categorically false to imply or state there were attempts by the Administration or other board members to mislead the entire body.”

The two also said in the statement that all board members learned about the investigation and the accusations at a Board of Education meeting on April 15.

Additionally, they said everyone had access to meeting minutes from the Head Start Program Policy Council which talked about the pending federal review.

None of the board members are listed as attending the meeting, but Wallace said everyone could see the information because it was “posted publicly on our board docs notification system.”

Wallace said while he wasn’t at the meeting, he accessed the documents and read it from the online system.

Burroughs said it’s absurd and he isn’t backing down from his previous claim that there is possibly a cover up.

He said no one directly addressed the board, and the minutes from policy council meeting did not include adequate information.

“They’re alleging that the board found out in April. Did the board mandate weekly reports on the issue? Did the board mandate that we fix these issues and did we monitor it?” Burroughs said. “The answer is no. Because we didn’t know about it.”

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Department of Health and Human Services announced its decision to suspend federal funding for the Head Start program in Prince George’s County due to ongoing misconduct involving the county staff



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  1. Good For You Edward!

    Yes the teachers had a hand but who hired them? They say crap rolls down, well some people apparently jumped over it!!

    According to Dr. Maxwell’s statement on channel 4, “Nonetheless, we are deeply troubled by the circumstances that led to this decision. A handful of people used unacceptably poor judgment that compromised children’s learning environments, their personal well-being, and a program that has positively impacted countless lives in Prince George’s County.”

    That Handful of People include him and his crew of over paid groupies as they are not educators helping our children? Dr. Maxwell, are we to believe when the letter went to the Board Chair it did not get immediately passed onto you? Clearly, it doesn’t appear he includes himself in the “handful of people” when he is the leader of the “handful of People club.”

    YOU Sir “made unacceptably poor judgment” when you failed to take action and as usual, you don’t take responsibility. You are the CEO!

    Does this surprise anyone? It shouldn’t! God knows, what happened was abuse! But let’s ask the hard question, why are we the only District in the news for such abuses, back to back? In fact, Dr Maxwell hired a boat load of Executives without Board approval (which was required prior HB1107) to help with oversight, right? Considering they All make well over 6 figures and his executive staff went from 10 to 39 executives (at last count, it may be more now); why was there NO Changes made Sir, what are you doing?

    Dr. Maxwell, what are you paying them to do if this type of thing continues to happen?? Heck, what are we paying you for?? Didn’t they have the qualifications to get them in compliance?? Oh, not qualified? Since several of your executives came from the County, is it safe to assume, they not only have no idea how to enforce compliance, they don’t have any idea what it is?

    What’s amazing to me, the teachers were fired or suspended correct? However, Board Chair, CEO, Deputy, and the several levels of superintendents below them, are still in place, why??

    Why haven’t you fired them? You fire anyone else in the system that attempts to do their job, why not your list of executive over that entire area? Have they been given the option to Resign? Do the public need to demand they resign?? Tell us what you are doing Dr. Maxwell. That is, aside from never accepting any accountability?? Considering the Board (in the quest to throw Edward under the bus) acknowledge knowing since April but did nothing to correct the issues, who is to blame?? This is the same thing they did with the porn scandal.

    I understand parents being upset and thinking the Head Start Program is being penalized but we need to accept the fact that the CEO Not the Federal Government is responsible here. The Feds did their jobs by suspending funding. If they dig deep, they will likely find most of the funding did not get spent for Head Start! Its likely in the “Black Hold” where it can be used for funding other things outside of education our children.

    People, please don’t miss the real issue, the CEO is putting those comments out there to deflect from the fact he is to blame, not the Feds.

    Does it strike anyone else as strange; the BOE refuse to turnover the records when asked? This is what they do! Cover Up!! Check those documents carefully, they are likely altered, they are famous for trying to get employees to make changes, submit changes to suit the times. We need to ask the question, why, if you have done nothing wrong?

    I am so glad, Edward finally spoke out and refused to continue the on going cover-up that plagues that administration. According to Dr. Maxwell’s interview “anyone found not doing their job will be dealt with?” So Mr. Rose is gone and all his Deputy’s? Oh that’s right, you can’t do that because that hire came from our County Executive!

    All, lets not be upset about what the Feds did; in fact let’s ask the Feds to expand their investigation. There is so much fraud and corruption in this administration and it keeps growing like out of control crab grass! Like crab grass, this administration has quickly become a frustrating, ongoing struggle fueled by greed and power. Like crab grass, the best way to rid unhealthy threats is to spot it early. Dr. Maxwell’s agenda was spotted early, that is, he could care less about our students. Garden weeds can steal water, sunlight and soil nutrients from food crops, and some even release toxic chemicals into the soil that inhibit the growth of other plants. That is what County Executive Baker, Dr. Maxwell and their groupies are doing to our school district. School Closings to give to the Casinos; Power Lines; Procurement Fraud; Increase of Child Molesters; Increase Child Abuse; Declining Test Scores; and Increase Scandals across the Board! Yet, our taxes have been raised repeatedly on the lie ” we need to make changes to our schools”; the only changes I see is, decrease in teachers and student support staff, decrease in services; decrease in ADA accommodations; and decrease enrollment!

    We need to show up at the Board Meeting Thursday and hold the right people accountable! Instead of trying to throw Mr Burroughs under the bus for speaking up, lets ask Dr. Maxwell and Dr Eubanks, “since they knew about the abuse since April, why were the teachers still in place? Why didn’t they do their jobs?” Why are our children suffering so much abuse and neglect since Mr. Baker, Dr. MAxwell and Dr. Eubanks took over?

    We’ve had fraud in the past but this amount of abuse – No! That alone, within the last year should bring the FBI and other agencies to our door!!

    Again, thanks for finally speaking out Edward!!

    The rest of us, get out there and demand Dr. Maxwell and all his overpaid groupies get-the-stepping! He needs to be removed!! Let’s do our part!


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