The teacher’s union in Maryland must stop engagement in organized scheme.


MSEA President Betty Weller discuss the important steps to reduce over-testing that the General Assembly took thanks to educators’ activism

The teacher’s union in Maryland and most unions, don’t speak for the majority of members most of the time. They funnel their money to the candidate of their choice, 99% someone who they have paid off to look the other way as they do their dirty business in the dark.  It is a despicable scheme they have going on requiring non-members and members to pay a “representation” fee and they fail to represent while advancing discrimination especially in Maryland. Unions have outlived their usefulness and all they are now doing is intimidating political organization without shame.

We also have credible information from fellow colleagues who contacted the union about various issues in summer school and received no response.

President Obama told us many years ago,change begins from grounds up and if you don’t like something change it. “This is what it looks like when we come together, look out for one another, and roll up our sleeves to do the hard work of change. That’s when America is at our best. And that’s how we’ll ensure that all of our children have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.” – President Obama  on Real Change Starts from the Ground Up.

Over the last five years, we have written several articles in this blog concerning failure to represent members by the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA). Read here, here, here, and here.  The Maryland state Education Association is involved in dubious scheme including paying off lawyers, interfering with the Maryland state court system to write bogus opinions and dismiss cases, siphoning union dues without proper accountability, interfering with union grievances while in arbitration etc. That kind of scheme sounds like a thuggish life to many of us who are familiar with the situation besides the Governor. We support Governor Hogan for calling them such.  MSEA is engaged in criminal behavior in Maryland and something needs to be done to stop this madness ASAP. We cannot have a few well connected individuals destroying the state of Maryland for selfish interests. That is not how America rolls.

Currently, MSEA has several lawsuits pending in state and Federal courts involving their criminal behavior. They appear to have been interfering with the courts in the last few years. This is not good for the Maryland society involving an organization of such caliber  which is supposed to advocate with good faith efforts and not to engage in an organized schemes/Criminal behavior. Someone must be held accountable for their deeds.

While we don’t speak for the Governor Hogan, we believe He is trying to maintain a balanced budget, folks! The tax cuts he promised (and everyone cheered) are part of the reason to balance the books. Another part is because of the way legislators are trying to partition that money. He is the first governor in ages that actually understands what a balanced budget means and is willing to take the steps necessary to protect everyone.

As for the school budgets, the school systems in Maryland needs to be made accountable for the billions of dollars given to them by the state legislature. At the moment, there is very little accountability to the money given by the state and Federal government. In many cases as we have seen in Prince George’s county, the money ends up in the pocket of a few well connected individuals in the central office and elsewhere which is shocking as the unions look the other way! That kind of criminal behavior has nothing to do with being democrats or republican. It needs to stop and proper changes made to protect our children and our children children.



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