Teacher with a complaint about PGCPS

We received the email below from a user who wants to remain anonymous. It reads:
I need to remain anonymous in this.
My school, Forestville High, is closing this year after the school system went back and forth for months. Because they said they were closing us down, then said they weren’t, nobody had time to apply for positions in surrounding counties as those application deadlines were in February. Now we’re all scrambling to find positions. HR says we’ll have positions in PGCPS, but our staff reduction letters say nothing about guaranteed positions, and none of the 18 schools I have contacted have openings in my certification areas.

I can’t have my name tied to this because I desperately need to find a job and I fear fallout from the school system for speaking up.

At any rate, I wasn’t even writing to complain about that. I was writing to let you know that in April, we were ordered to turn in all projectors and other machinery/computers we had checked out so they could go to county storage. After an uproar from teachers, we were told we could keep them until the seniors graduated. That was yesterday. So far a SWAT team hasn’t shown up to reclaim my $100 projector, but I plan to keep it for as long as possible because…

Also in April, PGCPS came to Forestville and removed all of our department’s texts and workbooks to move them into storage. Yes, you read that correctly. With two months to go in the school year, we were left with NO texts to use with our students. Our “teaching” has now been diminished to making copies of worksheets and pulling up articles on the projector for students to read. Next year these students will start at new schools having missed nearly the entire 4th quarter of instruction.

For a system with the slogan “Great by Choice,” PGCPS is making some really stupid choices. Apparently our students don’t need to learn anything for nearly the entire fourth quarter. I have no idea if other departments were also ordered to turn in their texts.

I love PG County. I was raised here, I am a product of this school system (back when it was still decent), and I adore my students. However, I hate the disorganized, overreaching, slimy administration in this school system. I am currently torn between my desire to be the caring adult these students need and my desire to work for a system that values its students enough to supply them with resources to help them learn. 😦

Again, PLEASE keep me anonymous. I just couldn’t stay quiet and am hoping you may be able to pick it up and run with it.pgcps_logo


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