Update: Call to Action – Good Lawyers needed!

lawyerWe are currently looking for attorneys with civil rights Advocacy experience capable of handling multiemployer issues to be based in Washington DC metro area.

Also any attorney or attorneys willing to provide pro Bono work to our organization on behalf of our followers within the district and around the U.S. Please contact us! We need your help. In the last several years, we have faced a number of challenges and we must work urgently to protect the constitution days ahead and make the counties a better place for everyone.

Those attorneys who have received kickbacks, payoffs or political favors on previous cases by the Board of Education of Prince George’s County and other corrupt entities, need not apply.

It’s hard to believe there are that many incompetent attorneys in the DMV metro area. Thus, when you check their client list, guess who they get cases from??

There are already too many of attorneys on the Board or County’s payroll. Compromised attorneys, are encouraged Not to apply. In the last several years, we have seen attorneys who are willing to help the Board of Education for Prince George’s county /Administration destroy the lives of our children for peanuts.

All inquiries are held in the strictest confidence. If interested to help change the county through litigation while making a difference in the lives of the county citizenry, please send resume, cover letter to Reformpgcps@gmail.com




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