Del. Jay Walker to speak to the South County Community


Del. Jay Walker (D-26)

Del. Jay Walker (D-26) will be speaking to the South County Community Roundtable (formerly District IV Coffee Roundtable) at 10:00 Wednesday, APril 27, at the Harborside Hotel (formerly Clarion), 6400 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill.

Del. Walker, among other things, is the person primarily responsible for the artificial turf requirement–and unfunded mandate to override local education officials and install expensive, potentially carcinogenic artificial turf, which Walker apparently considers more important than funding the huge school maintenance backlog.  He also sponsored or co-sponsored several other bills, some of which failed, aimed at micromanaging schools and imposing other school-related mandates.

Del. Walker has also supported several anti-democratic measures in recent years, including gutting the non-partisan elected school board and adding enough appointed officials to make it a major partisan patronage vehicle, and enabling local officials to override tax limits repeatedly approved by the voters of Prince George’s County.  He has also sponsored or supported numerous tax increases, unfunded spending mandates, and bills making the tax laws even more complicated than they already were.

It will be interesting to hear what the delegate brags about versus what he doesn’t mention and whether he discusses both the positive and negative aspects of the bills and acts he has supported.

via Diane C. Russell

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