FieldTurf: “Yes, there is lead in our products.”

TurfReform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s country has previously reported on the Disadvantages of Synthetic Grass fact that there is lead in the artificial turf that the Board of Education for Prince George’s county uses them on football and soccer fields after the legislature passed a bill under a suspicious scheme involving pressure from external interest groups with financial ties to powerful politicians including Mr. Rushern Baker III.

Lead levels are of no interest to our elected officials, PTAs or parent community and so there has never been any local action to address this fact.  Remember that artificial turf purchases made by the Board of Education are never put out for competitive bids, and there is never any discussion about the content of comparable products.  FieldTurf is the one and only plastic grass that the Board of Education buys.

There is currently legislation being proposed in Annapolis  (House Bill 883) that would require signs at artificial turf fields based on warnings issued by the CDC.  On March 11, 2016, the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee held a public hearing on this proposed legislation.  A representative from FieldTurf spoke at the public hearing and answered a question about the existence of lead in FieldTurf products.  His answer is shown in the video below. The county leadership needs to show leadership in regards to the well-being of the youth and not put monetary gains ahead of poor students.



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