FMAThere is a petition on to stop the closing of Forestville High School for those who might not be aware. The high school formerly Forestville Military Academy is viewed as a Prime piece of land for commercial purposes and other uses by the political elite plus others. Other parcels of land eyed with envy are scattered all over the county ready to be “siphoned off”. We should never let this happened after the county citizenry got duped in an organized scheme for personal gain.

Forestville High School community should never rest easy for as long as the current leadership led by Mr. Baker III is in placeIn 2013, the school opened to neighborhood students after being a full military academy for 11 years. That’s when the fights and discipline problems started in that school. From the petition, “Forestville High School is slated to be consolidated into Potomac and Suitland High Schools in Fiscal Year 2034”. That decision to close the school has now been moved forward by 1 year to allow elections slated for 2016 to get out of the way.  In addition, according to Staff Review of Volume 4 MSPP School Recommendations, PGCPS Staff initial recommendations “Boundary study to assess the feasibility of expediting the closure of at least one high school.  The consolidation of Forestville High School may be required if PGCPS is to receive stated funding for the Suitland High School campus renovation.” The school still has some standout students and a championship girls basketball team.

Reform Sasscer Movement agrees that, the current and future Forestville High School students deserve to continue their education at this phenomenal educational institution.  In addition, the alumni/past teachers, coaches, volunteers, etc., who worked hard and continue to work hard at this institution deserve the right for it to remain open.  Several alumni currently work at the school and an overwhelming amount of alumni are supportive of the school.  Although PGCPS are in the process of funding programs for schools to assist in reviving the community, Forestville High School Alumni already saw this as a need and has implemented the following programs at no charge to the school:  mentoring, tutoring, financial planning, etc.  These programs to date have increased reading/math scores and attendance rates.  They have also been instrumental in decreasing the suspension rate.  If allowed to continue with these programs, we are confident that additional positive outcomes will be attained.

In the meantime, parents and students are asked to stay vigilant to make sure that, the closing of the schools do not get reactivated through the back door after one (1) year. In light of the foregoing, the future of community schools is .



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