Shame on The County Leaders for Attempting to Politicize The Heinous Crime


Deonte Carraway

Here in Maryland some of us recently just read a piece in the Baltimore Sun by Adam Marton that reveals the following:

Homicides are up 60% and shootings are up 105% year-over-year and the crimes follow predictable trends. Violence is concentrated in neighborhoods that are predominantly African American, and have high rates of poverty and unemployment; other areas remain largely unscathed.

Marton then offers a number of maps that show the concentration of homicides and shootings in African-American neighborhoods.

All of which prompts some of us to ask this question. Does Black Lives Matter give a damn?

Some of us who have been following this would say they don’t. All they want is to have the heads of the six police officers charged with killing Freddie Gray on a stick.

By all means, please investigate the six police officers and if the evidence supports murder then fine. Some of us only ask that we stop pretending this is only about race. After all, three of the officers charged are African American.

But because Black Lives Matters and other demagogues insist that it is solely about race, the majority of diligent police officers in Baltimore have had their hands tied by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. If they are put into the position where deadly force is warranted there is a reasonable fear that Mosby will see fit to prosecute them. So Baltimore PD refrains from intervening and, voila, murder is on the rise and nearly all of those who die are African Americans. And here some of us thought that black lives were supposed to matter. But as far as Black Lives Matter is concerned, to paraphrase Or well, some black lives matter more than others. Unless an African American is killed by a police officer, these black lives simply don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

Back to Prince George’s County and the willful violation of the law. Where is the accountability? Do black lives matter in this county?  For quite sometimes, we have highlighted a myriad of issues and no one listens. Some of us can understand the need for and use of volunteers in the schools. However, to allow volunteers lengthy unsupervised times with children and even pulling kids out of the classrooms without further inquiries  — regardless of background checks or fingerprints just seems like an invitation for new entrant pedophiles. As in this case involving pedophile Deonte Carraway.  Many of Prince Georges County residents are shocked to see the Politicizing the abuse of children by the Executive. It is becoming very offensive by the day to the victims. It is a shame for the county school leaders who are attempting to politicize this heinous crime – the sexual abuse of children! If this was in another state or county, several people would have resigned by now. What happened to proper investigative journalism?  

Real improvements in a school system take time and hard work. Miraculous sudden improvements in student achievement in the middle of a serious case are likely the result of outright fraud or a rigged evaluation system designed to produce desired results. This is probably to quash the outcry from the molestation of children in Prince George’s County. This! on its own is disgusting and reflects absolute ignorance regarding those who prey on our nation’s children!

The lack of accountability, frankly, in persons who should be more responsible in their capacity to provide leadership is shocking given the serious nature of these issues and they should resign.

HB 1107 law was supposed to make the Prince George’s county school system better. How much improvement have you seen in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS)?, SAT Scores?, PARCC Scores?, Common Core Performance?

  1. Did the citizenry see the 2013 Interim Report to show that PGCPS is improving?
  2. Did the citizenry see the performance report to substantiate the annual salary increases for the CEO?
  3. What happened to the “promise” that PGCPS would be in the top tier of state schools? All of a sudden after someone is arrested molesting children, the county politicizes the situation issues what appears to be a misleading data to cover up issues of concern. This should be a concern to everyone. Call your elected officials and we must get ready to reveal HB 1107 law. Read more about the statute  ~~> Law+for+Reconfigured+PG+Board (1) (1) (1)

*Contact the members of the Ways and Means Committee and the Governor of Maryland to Let Your Voice Be Heard!  Email Addresses and telephones are in their website. Click the link here.  Demand that leaders involved and connected to crimes in Prince George’s County resign their positions. Prince George’s County Public Schools is bigger than a few individuals driven by malicious agenda to cover up wrong doing for personal gain. 


Kevin Maxwell, right, the Prince George’s County school system’s chief executive officer, watched by County Executive Rushern Baker and his brother-in-law lauded the county’s improvement in its high school graduation rate. (Mark Gail/For The Washington Post)



This is a call for Action. 


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