MD “Education” Dollars Pay for Vacation and Laptop Bags @mabe


In Maryland, “education” tax dollars include an annual vacation for Board of Education members to Ocean City, Maryland.  The vacation is organized by the private club that is funded by taxpayers, MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education.)  The Prince George’s County Board of Education and Montgomery County Board of Education and others pays over $140,000 a year into the MABE treasury.

According to Montgomery parents coalition, It looks like this year taxpayers also paid for laptop bags for the vacation attendees! See the vacation video below for a glimpse of some of the attendees and the conference swag.

At this vacation, Board of Education members meet outside of the Maryland Open Meetings Act, and meet with select no bid vendors to scheme without citizens awareness for any challenges.  The questionable activities involves the Maryland Unions as well such as Maryland state education Association (MSEA).

Public school budgets in Maryland are not just about Maintenance of Effort!



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