Decline in Prince George’s SAT Scores for 2015 – PGCPS was last in Maryland.


As we reported here on November 9th, 2015, the 2015 SAT scores for Prince George’s County high schools are now available on the Maryland Report Card. There seem to be a coordinated effort to mislead the public and change the new status PGCPS got this year – being last in Maryland. The school system scored poorly in Math, Reading, writing and in science. 2015 saw a major decline in both the mean composite SAT score and the number of test takers. Several high schools saw a major disturbing trend starting with Bowie High, Charles Herbert Flowers High, Central High, Eleanor Roosevelt High, Forestville High, Gwynn Park High, High Point High, Northwestern High, Suitland High, Tall Oaks Vocational. Numbers don’t lie as shown. Review the results in the partial chart below.

In the table, the average reading, math, and writing subscores and the average composite SAT scores for 2015 college bound seniors in each of the county’s public high schools, as well as the average scores for PGCPS and the state of Maryland was negative. Next to each score, the change from the previous year, 2014, is displayed in either red or green. For example, in Bladensburg High School, the average reading SAT score was 371 in 2015, 31 points lower than it was in 2014. The average math score was 384, two points higher than in 2014.

These results don’t justify the high salaries running into millions of dollars CEO Kevin Maxwell and his staff are receiving as bonuses to the detriment of the poor students of Prince George’s County. There are many problems facing the students of Prince George’s County of which CEO Kevin Maxwell has not taken time to address including daily fights involving students in High schools and elsewhere.

sat2015v2Mean SAT scores for college-bound seniors, as reported by the MSDE on the 2015 Maryland Report Card; changes (+/-) from 2014.

Prince George’s County Public Schools say that while their students’ average scores were lower than their peers across the state in 10 of the 15 areas, the difference in scores were less than 10 percentage points. However, they were the last in the whole state of Maryland. To find SAT scores for your school, for every year from 2008 to 2015, go to the Maryland Report Card and hover over the “School” tab. Choose “Prince George’s County” from the pull-down menu, then find your school. Click to open the SAT pdf file, found under the “Graphs and Tables” heading.

The results is a clear testimony the county schools are not doing well as they should.

The selection of CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell in a non transparent manner in what appears to be an effort to cover up wrong doing among the senior PGCPS staff and the schools, was not good for democracy and accountability initiatives in Prince George’s County. Prince George’s County Citizens are being asked to keep an eye on how public money is being utilized within the county schools and then ask tough questions.

There was no change between last year and this year in the composite ACT score (18), or in the reading (19) or math (17) subscores. The English and science subscores are not where they should be since 2014. And more students in Prince George’s County took the ACT this year than in any year since 2008, the earliest year for which data is available on the Maryland Report Card. Still, far more students in Prince George’s County take the SAT. In 2015, 6,630 seniors took the SAT, compared with 1,196 who took the ACT. The Kevin Maxwell administration must work hard and took the public relations exercise of misleading the public. We must demand proper accountability and transparency in the Prince George’s county without political shenanigans advanced by the well connected politicians destroying our schools while pretending to fix the problems.


2014-kevin-maxwellCEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has not acted with honor after he engaged in cover ups to hide questionable activity within the county school system. The scores are a clear testimony of his character after he duped the county citizenry he was qualified with high marks. The high salary he has been awarded and bonuses only for the county schools to turn out last in Maryland, is not justified.



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