Maryland Mother Upset Over School Transportation for Son With Autism


A mother in Upper Marlboro, Maryland says the Prince George’s County School District will not provide a bus for students with special needs for her son. News4’s Tracee Wilkins reports on what the mom wants and how school officials respond. >>> Read more By Tracee Wilkins  NBC4

In December 2013, another mother contacted news newsroom after she said her son, who had autism, was not dropped off at his usual spot at that time.

“He was running in the middle of the street,” said Nicole Mccain-Hines of District Heights at that time. “I’m like, ‘Devontae, where’s the bus?'” That was in 2013 and the Prince George’s county public schools appears not to have learned from that incident.

Also in 2013, a Prince George’s County jury awarded the family of Ashley Davis a verdict of $90 million in damages plus medical expenses and funeral costs. Prince George’s County teen died after getting hit on her walk to school.  “I didn’t ask anyone to give me any money or anything like that,” her mother said after the trial. “I just want someone held responsible for what happened to my daughter.”

We must demand for accountability to stop what has happened on several occasions since 2013 after CEO Kevin Maxwell was selected behind the scenes without transparency. Impunity must not be tolerated any longer and rewarded as appears to be happening. The perpetrators must be brought to book without much delay here in Prince George’s County and elsewhere.


CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has not acted with honor after he engaged in cover ups to hide questionable activity within the county school system.  The high salary he has been awarded and bonuses only for the county schools to turn out last in Maryland after the test, is not justified.

Dr. Maxwell has also been discriminatory while settling grievances in the county. A leader who discriminates and driven by a malicious agenda can never lead successfully. 




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