Students removed from classrooms with mold after 7 On Your Side report

Samuel Chase ESStudents in a Prince George’s County elementary school were removed from classrooms this week due to mold. But it’s not just any school. This comes just months after a 7 On Your Side I-Team report that students in the school were getting sick – possibly due to mold.

Samuel Chase Elementary is a 53 year old building. Parents here say it’s time for a new school. And during this investigation ABC 7 learned mold inside the building has been a reoccurring problem. The most recent coming this week.

Back in May, we first introduced you to Linetra Jackson.

“Who would be comfortable sending their child back there like that?” said a sobbing Jackson, when we first interviewed her.

Jackson had pulled her daughter out of Samuel Chase Elementary because she kept getting sick – and blamed mold. After our story aired, the district cleaned the school, though it denied mold existed. But, not any longer.

On Thursday, a letter was sent to Samuel Chase parents saying mold had been found. Eight classrooms were vacated and cleaned.

“I don’t know if you want to look at it as a way of being vindicated when these kid are still there. This new school year you have kids and staff that are getting sick now,” stated Jackson.

7 On Your Side spoke to other parents who say their children also have had health issues while inside the school.

“Shut it down. Get our kids somewhere safe,” stated parent, Aretha Williams.

“Something’s got to be changed,” added parent, Sherman MacCutchen

The I-Team obtained recent health records for Samuel Chase, which show the building does have a “recurring mold issue”. And these documents cite multiple “costly mold cleanups”. Two recent bills total nearly $9,000.

Keesha Bullock, a spokesperson from Prince George’s County Schools gave 7 On Your Side this statement: “The building maintenance team will continue to address all needs at the school, while we work to secure funding that allows for a preventative maintenance opportunity instead of one that addresses needs from a reactive stance.”

“I appreciate 7 On Your Side, more than you know for bringing the coverage and sticking with this story and trying to get the right things done,” concluded Jackson.

As far as Jackson’s daughter is concerned, she now attends a new elementary school and has had no health issues.

via WJLA


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  1. Most people don’t realize just how dangerous black mold is. They often go far too long untreated thinking the symptoms are caused by something other than the mold. It’s unfortunate this family had to go through this. I hope people will contact their healthcare provider at the slightest chance of mold symptoms. thanks for the post I think it’s helpful for everyone to keep this in mind.


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