A Task Force on New Americans

hero_middle_class_test_03 (1)President Obama (seen here) embracing New immigrants with enthusiasm. (Whitehouse Photo)
If you remember, sometimes late last year 2014 and early this year in the spring 2015, Prince George’s County chapter of NAACP objected strongly to two high schools being set aside for immigrants students in Prince George’s county – Maryland. We covered the story here ~> NAACP objects to high schools for immigrant students.

Since last year, the white house Taskforce on New Americans worked hard to come up with policy agenda to direct communities around the country and the world on how to integrate new immigrants and refugees as part of American family. As we move towards the future, we plan to partner and share ideas locally on how to assist others here in Prince George’s County and around Maryland.

The Obama administration is working hard for American society and sometimes in December 2015, the Task Force will submit to the American citizenry a status report, pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Memorandum, to inform many of us the progress made toward the recommendations outlined in this report.

 Attached herein is the final report.
“The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life — it is in our DNA.  We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different.  From all these different strands, we make something new here in America.”
~ President Barack Obama, July 4, 2014

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