Md. Police Chief Accused of Voiding Elected Official’s Parking Ticket Faces Charges


Edmonston Police Chief Stephen E. Walker has been charged with two counts of malfeasance in office, according to a summons issued on Monday. (Edmonston Police Department)

A Prince George’s County, Maryland, police chief is facing criminal charges, accused of voiding a parking ticket issued to an elected official.

Edmonston Mayor Tracy Gant was issued a parking ticket when she was still a council woman, according to court documents. Soon after, in January 2014, Police Chief Stephen Walker sent an email to the department saying, “Do not tell violators that the ticket can be voided by the chief of police.” But a month later, Walker voided Gant’s ticket because she was an elected official, according to court documents.

Officers continued to notice Gant’s car had expired tags, but the chief sent a memo out to the police department in August 2014 prohibiting police from enforcing parking regulations in the community where Gant lives, according to court documents.

Action wasn’t taken until February 2014, when a WTOP reported started asking questions about the unpaid ticket, investigators said. It was partially paid in cash.

Walker’s attorney, Bob Bonsib, says his client is innocent and the charges are ridiculous.

In the next few weeks, the State’s Attorney’s Office will screen the charges to see if there’s enough evidence to move forward.

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Edmonston Mayor Tracy Gant – car had expired tags



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