9-year-old girl beaten on Prince George’s Co. school bus

bus13n-3-webSaraia Collins’s mother said the 9-year-old was left with a mild concussion after last week’s filmed attack on a school bus.

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md –A Prince George’s County mother is outraged about what happened on her daughter’s school bus this past Friday.  She is demanding answers after they say their 9-year-old child was filmed being brutally attacked on a school bus and nothing was done to help.

The entire time Saraia Collins was filmed screaming, crying and begging fellow students to stop hitting her, the Prince George County bus driver drove on, the child’s outraged parents told WJLA.

“Get out of my face I’m not going to fight you!” Saraia is heard screaming in the cell phone video shortly before she’s seen being pummeled from all around her in her seat.

“You should not have to be balled up on a bus corner, beat like that. That’s not right,” her mother told the station while fighting back tears.

When the attack was over, the Highland Park Elementary student was left with a mild concussion and wondering why the other girls have to be so mean.

“I guess that’s just the way that they want to be,” she said.

On Tuesday the school announced that one of the main girls behind the attack has been suspended and that there may be additional punishments to come. That includes the bus driver as well who’s undergoing a review by the transportation department, WJLA reported.

Saraia’s mother meanwhile says that she’s working to find her daughter a new school. She is afraid to go back to school because she fears more trouble awaits.


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