Prince George’s County Residents are against the 15% property tax increase..

…proposed by the County Executive Rushern Baker III


This is important because

1. Maryland
Foreclosure rate: 1 in every 564
Change from February 2014: -0.87%

Maryland continues to work through the large foreclosure inventory it has had for a while, but the large drops in New Jersey and Florida foreclosures pushed this state with a steady flow of foreclosures to the top of the list.

We have to let our voices be heard.  PG County has the highest rate of foreclosures.




Sources For Reference on Foreclosure
—Notice of Intent to Foreclose in Dec: 1,620 (highest in the state); April 2008 to Dec 2014: 197,046 (highest in the state)
Total Real Estate Sales (2013):
Median Sale Price (2013):
Percent of Homeowners Paying More than 35% for Housing: PGC: 31.5% vs. MD: 25.3%

rushern-baker-head-111010wMr. Rushern Baker III – County Executive Prince George’s County.

PRINCE-largePrince George’s County Map.


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