PGCPS chief announces spending freeze, then…

 ….demands more cash from the county and the state to Squander.


Dr. Kevin Maxwell

Prince George’s County Schools Chief Kevin M. Maxwell announced Thursday night that all schools and departments will be told to limit discretionary spending as the school system braces for possible revenue shortfalls.

The spending and “selective” hiring freeze will take effect immediately, he said.

Maxwell made the announcement as he unveiled a $1.84 billion budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year, which includes a 2.5 percent increase over the current spending plan and a request to receive an 8.5 percent increase from the county coffers.

Maxwell said he hopes the spending freeze sends a message to county and state officials as they address their budget deficits and make decisions on plans that could have an impact on Maryland’s second-largest school system.

“We’re doing what we can internally, but we still need more,” Maxwell said referring to his proposal, which includes a $53.5 million increase in county money and a $33.7 million increase in state aid.

Maxwell said his two deputies and the school district’s chief operating officer will take a close look at all purchasing orders and hiring requests to determine their need.
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Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in law to County Executive Baker) listens to parents and staff speak at Sasscer in the past photo. The Board of Education for Prince George’s County has become compromised after Board members and senior Employees recently hired immediate family members as well as close friends in management positions.   



Rushern Baker III Current County Executive for Prince George’s county – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights. The Rushern Baker regime does not seem to see the obvious conflicts of interests surrounding epicenter of corruption at Sasscer – Upper Marlboro! ….Why can’t they see? Because they are or appear to be part of it….



Lack of accountability and transparency managing public funds has been a major concern in recent years in Prince George’s County….  “call a spade a spade


As stated in the blogs, this announcement comes on the heels of millions of dollars in salaries for “cabinet” members who were hired recently making over six  figure salaries and some not even disclosed yet. Many new positions have been created by Dr. Maxwell at the beckoning of Mr. Baker and their close friends in order to simpon off cash. Many senior staffers at Sasscer administrative offices are doing duplicative jobs. Then there are those who are secretly brought out of retirement as consultants to collect another income at the expense of the county citizenry. There is nothing wrong to make extra money but its the way the process is being conducted to undermine the county.  The recent hires including former union representatives Mr. Christian Rhodes and others  are in the same league with the ones in the system who continue to live the high life of expensive meals, entertainment and travel expenses all rolled into one.

Dr. Maxwell’s incompetency and ineffective management skills are very clear. Students and teachers suffer the consequences of this superintendent’s hiring and spending practices. When will this ever cease? Is it not enough that superintendent obtains a million dollar package for himself and the rest suffer for it? Is this Dr. Maxwell really worth it? Many staff members especially teachers are running without copiers and supplies yet, Dr. Maxwell administration hires consultants and other personnel all over the place to do the work they were paid to perform.

If only we could stand with each other and expose the Maryland politicians and especially in Prince George’s County for who they are (predators). We need to take the Buffalo approach and deal with these unethical politicians vigorously.  If we unite, we may stand a chance of reducing all these menaces they have been causing. In return, they will respect us. However, some of us think they owe their survival to the con politicians. We need to make them realize they need to resign whenever they mess up or something has been damaged on their behalf or on their watch.

The problem is, we (the victims) are not united neither do we realize we are all in danger unless we join forces and stop this non-sense. We need to adapt the Buffalo approach as far as the Prince George’s County politicians are concerned. We can only survive if we take to rescuing each other, standing together. BUT as it stands now some people think their survivals are intrinsically linked to the predator politicians like Mr. Rushern Baker and others milking the school. Shame.

Most people in Prince George’s county do not simply want to see lies hidden in plain sight because centuries of propaganda have conditioned them to be so. The time has come to rise up and demand answers now that elections are around the corner. Time for easy rides in the ballot box are over. We are tired of this mess. Time has come to demand answers now more than ever before.  Enough is enough.

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