PGCPS Fights under Dr. Maxwell.

Suitland wreck session

The “State of Prince George’s County” has hundreds of parents and teens calling for change with the top leadership at Sasscer Administrative offices in Upper Marlboro. The Prince Georges’ County Public Schools (PGCPS) unflinching commitment to conduct that antagonizes the rightfully prevailing winds of wisdom and decency ensures a dark chapter in this country’s history of education.

With so many deaths still on the hearts and minds of many in the county, hundreds of parents have been demanding change due to corruption currently in progress under Dr. Maxwell as a result of mismanagement of public funds in variety of ways including unjustified high salaries. Below is a sample of video fights in some of the schools and the problem continues to sprawl out of control in many schools in PGCPS, some resulting in death. Many Principals are under pressure not to speak about it. What happened in the six flags recently with fights everywhere is just a tip of the iceberg. As mentioned, these fights end up resulting in deadly outcomes. We can do better than this.

We must teach conflict resolution, empathy and individual responsibility to students as deliberately as we teach math and science. Schools will not get better until we do. We live in an age where the ability to recall many facts is no longer a valued skill. We are also living in an age where violence is glorified and the gap between rich and poor grows wider every day. Even if it’s not in the job description we get from HR, it is our responsibility to teach empathy and conflict resolution. We don’t believe most educators go into the profession because they’re passionate about content standards. We believe good teachers teach because they want to make students’ lives better. Undermining violence is one way we can begin to do that.

We can explicitly teach alternatives to fighting. We can use one period of enrichment a month to teach strategies for peacefully addressing conflict. We can establish peer-mediation groups in our classes and schools. We can work toward a restorative justice model to address issues like fighting. There are a million small steps we can take to start chipping away at this overwhelming, violent reality.

Since Dr. Maxwell’s selection as a CEO, which was suspiciously done by well-connected political friends such Dr. Charlene Dukes etc., many leaders in the county seems more interested in the money they can make than IN helping quell the many problems we identified many months earlier. In a recent parent meeting at Suitland High School which has now become the epicenter of the violence, Dr. Maxwell was nowhere to be seen. Some parents where heard saying he has become “an emperor” and is untouchable due to all his political connections. We need solutions and not cover ups for serious issues like the ones affecting the youth of the county and the larger community. The connections are okay but they should not step on the way of serious problems like this.

Above all, dishing money to close family and friends to go work at the Sasscer administrative building at the beckoning of Rushern Baker III or some other politically connected party including the corrupt unions is not the answer!

PG county Bowie High school .. Whites vs Blacks

crossland fight 2014

Slap Box ! Charles Herbert Flowers High School

Surrattsville Fight (Malik Vs Polo)

Spirit Week Chaos At Wise High

Suitland fights

Jasmine fight at Wise 2014

laurel high fight

laurel high fight

Maryland PGCPS Fight

Bowie High School fight caught on video  – ABC7 WJLA

ABC7 WJLA tried to cover the issues sometimes early this year affecting Bowie High School. However, the problems continue and the top leadership of the county led by Mr. Rushern Baker III shows no interest except their selfish motives to collect high salaries at the expense of the wider population.





Dr. Kevin Maxwell seemed like a good fit in the very beginning but has proved himself to be something else. He is clearly being used by Mr. Rushern Baker regime and others for selfish motives including for high salaries at the expense of poor children and for improper influence within PGCPS District. Every time he gets criticized for making mistakes, the county leadership or some other external forces promotes him for some kind of an award to confuse the public everything is ok.  In the meantime, kids are suffering through endless fights and everything is being kept hush hush as scandals swell.  Is the high salaries being paid to these gentlemen worth it?  Where is the outrage?


Mr. Rushern Baker –The current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell. Lately, he appears busy lining up his pockets. What happened to common decency?


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