Cell Tower Committee Admits Maryland Open Meetings Act Violation

… Prince George’s County  Parents Can Finally Track 60 Cell Tower Plan


Multitude of antennae atop the tower emits
pulsing microwaves.
Parents in multiple Maryland counties, including Montgomery County, are having a hard time tracking the rapid construction of cell towers on public school playgrounds.In Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, cell tower applications must go through a Tower Committee.  Tower Committees are public bodies and must abide by the requirements of the Maryland Open Meetings Act.  But, in Prince George’s County the Tower Committee was not following the Open Meetings Act, making it impossible for parents to track when their local school playground was to be the site of one of the 60 cell tower compounds coming to their schools. A complaint was filed on September 17th with the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board regarding the failure of the Prince George’s Tower Committee to follow the Open Meetings Act.
This week the Prince George’s Tower Committee filed their response to the complaint.In their complaint they acknowledge numerous failings of their committee process including the fact that they have not been providing the public with Minutes of their meetings.As a result of the Open Meetings Act Complaint that was filed:

  • The Tower Committee has now changed it’s webpage to show meeting dates, time and location.
  • The Tower Committee will now be posting notices of upcoming meetings.
  • The Tower Committee has now made the location of their monthly meetings public so that the public can attend.
  • The Tower Committee will now be making audio recordings of their meetings available to the public as the meeting minutes.

Here is the full text of the Tower Committee’s response.  In the coming weeks the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board will review the complaint and the response and issue a formal Opinion.
In the meantime, the Tower Committee has committed to following the Open Meetings Act going forward.  This will make the construction of the 60 cell tower compounds on Prince George’s public school playgrounds easier to track. ~ Article courtesy  Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland

Dr. Kevin Maxwell

When does Dr. Maxwell get the award for the 60 CELL TOWERS he is planning on PGCPS playgrounds? Oh, did someone forget about the reality Prince George’s County Public School playgrounds are becoming commercial HAZMAT facilities with 250 GALLONS of diesel fuel per playground.



Mr. Rushern Baker –The current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell .


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