It’s Time to Put an End to No Bid Purchases and Excessive Dues from BOE Club! No More MABE!

Another day and another MABE “partner”.


No thanks MABE!

What is MABE?

MABE is the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.  It is a private club that taxpayers fund. Each Board of Education in the State of Maryland belongs to MABE with the notable exception of the Maryland State Board of Education who dropped out of the club in 2012.

Each Board of Education uses tax dollars to pay their MABE dues according to our sister blog Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland.

What do dues cost?
Here is for example what MCPS’ Board of Education has paid into this private club over the last 6 years.

FY 2015  $66,354
FY 2014  $68,401
FY 2013  $41,986
FY 2012  $48,062
FY 2011  $47,017
FY 2010  $47,602

According to our close contacts, Prince George’s County Public schools (PGCPS) Board of Education pays more due to it’s size and membership in this MABE.

In recent years MABE has been “partnering” with companies that have things to “sell” to Boards of Education throughout Maryland. The organization is very well connected with Maryland state Board of Education with lots of cash to burn from our tax dollars.  Each year MABE holds a conference in Ocean City and on top of the dues above, tax payers fund the Ocean City Party! (Click link for PICTURES from 2013 junket or review PGCPSBOE members at the bottom).

While at the conference MABE “partners” have unrestricted access to Board of Education members from all over Maryland.  According to Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland,…. Parents? You aren’t there and don’t have a voice in these procurement decisions. Many of the deals are being done without a bid in violation of state and Federal laws.
How is this impacting Maryland public school systems?  MABE partnered with Milestone Communications in 2011 and now 9 Boards of Education in the State of Maryland have turned over their public school playgrounds for commercial development.  Bids? Public Notice? Public discussion? Below is MABE’s latest announcement of a “partner.”  Besides Milestone Communications, MABE has also partnered with BoardDocs and you will notice that PGCPS suddenly is using the BoardDocs product to post their BOE meeting agendas and minutes.  Did we all miss the bids for this procurement?
What is this MABE “partner” costing taxpayers? MABE is diverting precious public school education dollars away from classrooms through unnecessary dues, countless conventions and meetings, and by the circumvention of the public bidding process our sister blog Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland concludes. Their process of doing business is promoting mega corruption in Maryland and beyond.  It’s time to just say NO to MABE!  
Here is the newest MABE “partner.” ~~>>> 237426507-2014-Maryland-Association-of-Boards-of-Education

9316145637_f2032ecda5_o 9317089184_a01cf9422c_o10809804745_3fe9b72106_o 9318729808_2820d34247_o 9318749552_70028eacb3_o 9318844894_922e285efb_o   10809806646_92930eec83_o 10809829475_f8f73a70b5_o 10809895835_d9c118f45c_o 10809925856_29c54a475f_o 10809939984_eff101d58d_o 10810061543_3d359b69a6_o 9319020254_b014cb5f1c_o10810187225_b61abbdf00_o  10810193116_0305477353_o 10810195345_94925e4d35_o 10810204755_b063769772_o 10810226304_164790e123_o 10810229113_14a8e8e6f9_o 10810253626_0ac2f851c5_o 10810297394_531ef80091_o 10810321774_8eac6ef24c_o 10810373543_e751ab020a_o 10810430103_7dc8d2352d_o 10810461513_1156f18933_o 10810711445_d462a5b40e_o 10810771634_8609ba8a6f_o 10810772814_0a19e8b4a2_o 10810783604_66198a0217_o  10810790404_64fbb9895f_b 10810892244_85450e10f7_o 10810893553_7c415ac637_o 10810900183_b20e436e2a_o 10810902253_15c198a505_o 10811016303_90e1f0b645_o 10811059893_1359e1efc8_o 10811072955_20fece6538_o 10811078575_23db10bbe7_o 10811080086_c6c659d2b5_o 10811333803_e7167d0467_o
Remember that,  the future of public education here in Prince George’s County is at stake more than ever before, and the future of Prince George’s children is at risk. We must lift our voices and be heard.

Together, we can make a difference.

With your support we can create partnerships of great purpose to improve education and wellness, increase opportunity for all children and families, reduce corruption, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of mega fraud while advancing change. Otherwise, we demand a regime change ASAP.

Call your elected officials now and the media. Let us demand an end to this poisoned chalice!


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Poisoned Chalice

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