Moving Beyond Scandal in Prince George’s County.


We have decided to take a new strategy (approach) on empowering our people here in Prince George’s County. We hope you realize criticizing the oppressors, make them even bold and seems to put more power in their bellies. Those in the know, drop the criticism, ignore the oppressors completely and deny them that fuel and watch them damage themselves. We have decided to embark on empowering our people through ways that makes their brains more powerful and better in understanding ways to wrestle themselves off the grip of the people who suck them dry by manipulating their ignorance.

We have set our timeline to be accessed by our FRIENDS ONLY, We do not want unnecessary diversions and babble debates. Let’s be specific and not randomly.  Let us strategize wisely and intelligently no matter how outnumbered we may be, we shall be there! In the last several weeks, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 Union has been swallowed silently by Maryland State Educator Association (MSEA) without membership consent.  The ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 President was expelled in suspicious circumstances recently but that’s another story for another day. Previous ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 Director Daniel Besseck who threatened a senator and damaged membership grievances has been promoted by MSEA in unclear circumstances. This came after South Dakota Education Association – NEA rejected his candidacy and fired him in March 2014.

Away with criticism and praises! Even though Criticism did work in many ways than one, it appears not working in some areas at the moment, they are immune and instead we are creating heroes and heroines out of neophytes, serviles and minions. It’s through our blog that we were able to make the current county Executive address some issues including the current violence in the last week. The more we hit them hard by mentioning their names, the more we raise their profile.

Of course this does not mean we see no evil and hear no evil and speak no evil, it means we change strategy! Freedom must come to Prince George’s County! Real and True FREEDOM. Freedom from want, freedom from subjugation, freedom from borrowed meaningless political ideologies, freedom from racial demigodism system of politics and Yes Freedom from moral decadence!





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