We should do away with secrecy of deals that hide corruption.


Segun Eubanks – Laughing all the way to the Bank at the expense of the community.

Some of us think that history is a very important subject. In need, those who fail to learn history, Winston Churchill famously said, are doomed to repeat it. But history, if taught well, can point us not just to the mistakes we should never repeat but also to the successes that we should build on.

It is, indeed, a pity that today’s society accords little premium on history as a discipline especially in Prince George’s County under Mr. Rushern Baker III.

A colleague who was recently on a panel interviewing potential recruits was astonished to learn that some graduates in Prince George’s county did not know that the current county Executive Mr. Rushern Baker who has facilitated corruption in the county was once a member of the House of Delegates in Annapolis.

There was a time when education was about pursuit of knowledge, about understanding, interpreting, and even changing society.

Today, the accent is on training in skills for the job market. This reflects in the impoverished nature of public debate on some of the social, political, and economic challenges we face today.

The foregoing serves as an entry point into a discussion about a bit of history on the “HB1107 “skunk law which is affecting the families and the children of Prince George’s County.

HB1107 “skunk law is about the ease with which crafty businessmen, Educators, some political leaders led by Mr. Rushern Baker and some of their allies in government were able to collude to siphon off money from the reserve funds of innocent children by creating positions of authority and disguising salaries at the highest maximum to the tax payers. The”HB1107 “skunk law is also highly connected to the Prince George’s County Corruption and Four More Years!

For many months now, Maryland legislature was and has not detected this fraud being fronted by Mr. Rushern Baker in our view. This is because the Maryland legislature has no much control as such once the funds are realesed to the Public school Districts in Maryland. This is the loophole the scammers exploit.

Furthermore, the many contracts intiated by the cartels in Prince George’s County under the Rushern Baker III regime are not always subjected to public scrutiny because of secrecy rules and procedures. That is why as a county, we must remain eternally grateful to those persons, who have highlighted these issues by shining the big spotlight on the whole subject of manipulation of the public budget and the simponing of money through highly connected individuals.

Our point: In the name of  school take over, corrupt merchants have channelled out millions through a dubious process with a dual cover of close friends in order to defraud the county while requesting for another four year term. This, We must say “NO”.

We should demand more transparency in the budgets of Maryland State Department of Education, Board of Education for Prince George’s County and other institutions connected to Mr. Rushern Baker III. Call your eleceted officials now and the media. Let them know how distasteful you find the actions of Mr. Rushern Baker III and others. Above all, pledge to never give them business, or better still, get them trending on facebook and twitter #SomeoneTellBaker! Let us demand accountability and an end to this madness.  It’s time!



Mr. Rushern Baker III



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