Dr. William Hite Jr is at it again in Philly.


PHILADELPHIA — The School District of Philadelphia is scrapping teacher seniority rules, starting next September.

The battle lines are drawn. Superintendent William Hite who damaged Prince George’s County Public school District through willful Discrimination and numerous breaches of contracts has announced plans to impose a system this fall allowing principals to fill teacher vacancies without using seniority as the sole factor.

Above all, Hite says under his plan, a committee of a school’s principal, teachers and a parent will determine teacher staffing at each school without union participation.

“We think this change is essential to enable different schools and unique school communities to match teacher skills with specific needs of students in their school.” He added according to reports Reform Sasscer Movement received last night evening.

The district has filed a motion with the State Supreme Court, asking the high court to affirm the district’s authority under the state takeover law to impose the new work rules.

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers has resisted changes to seniority rules according to the information received, maintaining they were a time-earned protection against administration favoritism.

This is a major test of the district’s power to impose contract terms on the teachers union. The union and the district have been unable to negotiate a new deal to replace the one that expired last August.

PFT president Jerry Jordan in a statement said the union will fight the move in court, saying the district has chosen to forsake good-faith bargaining in favor of a legal end-around.

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Dr. William Hite Jr is under severe cloud in Philadelphia for running away from justice in Maryland and now tampering with the rules of engagement and also negotiating in bad faith within the School District of Philadelphia.


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We knew this day will come for staff in Philadelphia school District. Unless the Philadelphia teachers, administrators and their unions take action, things are only going to go from worse to worst and they will affect the whole country. If he manages to pull off with this, other Districts around the country will follow suit. Therefore, this is not a good thing for others too.

William Hite Jr. is not only incompetent but has no respect for the law. He has probably negotiated a deal with the lawyers in the opposing camp to defeat justice by presenting the wrong argument or exhibits. He is clearly out of touch with reality by acting this way. Anyone who hurts families should not be in a leadership role.

What has happened to our common sense and decency in dealing with one another? Some of the things going on in the world today including Philadelphia “just ain’t right.” Individuals, educators and political leaders do not seem to be using “common sense” in dealing with people or in their decision making. We don’t treat people with the common “decency” that we should expect in our lives. We have observed a lot of things happening in our live and all around us and our families. We trying to determine, even if only for our benefit, whether or not we as a civilized society truly use common sense and exhibit common decency in our everyday lives and in our decision making. It’s not at all a scientific undertaking but primarily our own personal experiences and opinions – for what that’s worth. We just see things happening all around America, and the world, and wonder in amazement how this could be going on.

To the Philadelphia teachers, administrators and their unions representatives, if you happen to read this, call your elected representatives and demand changes. (This is an election year). This is the only language William Hite Jr ED.d understands. He is not afraid of the courts, he has money to pay off your attorneys and have them put the wrong evidence or argue the wrong cases while giving it to the other side. In that scenario, the Judges have no choice but to throw in their towel. It has already happened elsewhere.  Otherwise, if you file a lawsuit, our suggestion is to hire an ethical lawyer and then monitor the lawsuit to avoid such malpractice. Good luck.



Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. ~ Louis L’Amour


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